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Stomach problems and anxiety


To put it in the nicest way possible just wanted to know if anyone else suffers from stomach problems with their anxiety. Recently I have an urgency to get To the toilet I have been a mixture of Constipated but sometimes quite loose but not runny my stomach makes the most horrible noises and had flatulence and burping alot. Also my stools change colour on a regular basis from brown to yellow. Anyone else experience any of this with their anxiety. I am on omeprasol for acid reflux. :-/

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Yes experience the same thing with pain as well

L1994 in reply to charles

Mine just feels like when you have a tummy bug its horrible are you experiencing colour change? I think that it could be food not being able to be digested properly :-S

I'm experience this now! minus the stool color changes. It's awful we will get better! Just pray

L1994 in reply to Mzsucessful

Yes hopefully we will I sound funny everyone I talk to I ask to pray for me because it's that bad I check other people's veins to see if mine are the same just to make sure they are normal :-P

Mzsucessful in reply to L1994

You going! To be ok we can't let anxiety" take over our mind's i be feeling the same way it will get better" just patient's.

L1994 in reply to Mzsucessful

Yes just got to be patient and try everything we can to help xx good luck in finding a way to get better xxx

I am experiencing this now. Has it gotten better for you?

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