Here we go again!

Hi everyone so for the past two weeks my health anxiety had gotten so much better it seemed like things were going back to the way they were. Then yesterday I started noticing this burning feeling in my stomach. Now I'm freaking out because I was taking ibuprofen for my constant headaches 800 MG almost every other day or every other two days. Now I'm worried this feeling inside my stomach is a stomach ulcer from the ibuprofen. And now my anxiety is through the roof again!πŸ˜₯


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  • Hi sbishop

    Please try not to be disheartened by the return of the dreaded anxiety, the exact same thing happened to me, I seemed to be doing great then "boom" it was back, but you've had relief from this before and you will again, if your worried about your stomach you can get checked out at doctors, but you know this is a very common symptom of anxiety right? tummy problems are often mentioned here and its a good chance that its the anxiety, everything seems so much worse when anxiety raises its ugly head, I understand how difficult and overwhelming it is :-)

  • So do you think it could be an ulcer or really just anxiety

  • I just think that you'd benefit from speaking to your doctor and getting it checked out, it could very well be anxiety but either way you can get treatment, even ulcers are treatable, I'm sure you,ll get through this, get yourself booked in with gp and take it from there :-)

  • Hi, I would say it is the anxiety but if you are taking a lot of ibuprofen it can give you a bad stomach especially if you haven't eaten, they always effect my mate that way and he doesn't have an anxiety problem, try something different for your headaches or ask the doctor for something that doesn't effect your stomach, different medications effect people in different ways. I am fine with ibuprofen but I seem to have a cast iron stomach anyway, can we ensure remember the last time I was sick. Cheer up and don't worry.. It is unlikely to be an ulcer 😁

    PS. II hope you are not googling symptoms??? It will only make you worse.. If you are going to Google anything learn about anxiety the disease not the symptoms.πŸ™…πŸ˜œπŸ˜learn to laugh at yourself, anxiety doesn't like laughter. lol. Steve.

  • Thanks for the advice and do you know how much I would have to take to get an ulcer from that?

  • No babe I don't, but I know ulcers came from sum sort of bacteria, and what did I say? No! To symptoms more to learning! God I sound like my parents!

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