Chest Pain, Feel Like I'm Dying!

I went to the dentist today to have some cavities filled (6 cavities to be exact) and I was given some local anasthetic to numb the area. The dentist gave me 2 NEEDLES of anasthetic, one on each side of my mouth. Immediately after, my heart began to beat really fast which is supposedly normal. Once it was time to leave, my chest started hurting badly. I told the dentist and he said it was normal. I was totally fine for 9 hours after the appointment. Now its 1:30 am and all of a sudden I can't breathe, my chest is cramping and feels very tight. I also feel very weak and anxious. I feel like I'm dying! Im' afraid I'm having an actual reaction and will go into cardiac arrest or something. But I'm also under a large amount of stress and am speculating panic. Would it make sense for the anasthetic to randomly cause these symptoms 9 hours later? I was just googling my symptoms as well and feel worse now. This makes me consider anxiety as the cause of the symptoms. I don't want to make a scene and go to emerg in the middle of the night if i dont have to, but I'm really scared... what should I do?! Please help asap


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3 Replies

  • Googling stuff makes it happen it did to me I googled stuff xD and it happened few mins later :)! But truly if u really really feel like it's bad ! Go into emergency ! Don't stall but simple asking on here is the best thing :)! I'm reaching out !

  • Please try not to google anything as it will only make you worse have you tried phoning you doctors after hours surgery or if you think you need to go to a & e i willing to bet whats happened is a really panic attack. Take care i wish you well david

  • Never google symptoms especially when your feeling scared, it just reinforces the fear, call gp for advice or NHS direct, if you feel your symptoms are so severe and your worried, does sound like the sensation of the anaesthetic may have triggered anxiety/panic but getting professional medical advice is best if your experiencing severe symptoms, I'm sure either way you'll be ok, big hugs xx

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