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Physical Symptoms, Feels Like I'm Dying


Hi everyone, I know I've been posting alot lately but I'm in desperate need of advice/reassurance. I'm currently going through an extremely traumatic event, similar to one that I had last year. I'm having tons of physical symptoms and feel like I'm dying. I'll list my symptoms below:

-Nausea (I'm emetephobic so this is really tough)

-Headache (a really bad one that's lasted for days)

-Neck tension

-Difficulty breathing

-Chest pain

-Rash/Hives all over my chest and stomach (never had this before)

-Zero appetite


-Sharp pain in lower right side

-Sore throat

-Tightness in throat


I've also been having panic attacks every single day. I feel like I am going to die. I'm so anxious and nothing is helping. I tried ativan (didn't really help), advil for the headache (helped slightly but not fully), and I've been taking prescription anti nausea which helps alot with the nausea. I am so traumatized and feel so sick, I don't know what to do with myself. I do cbt but my anxiety has gotten to such a high level that the strategies I learned are not working. I keep thinking I'm gonna go into anaphylactic shock, have menengitis, appendicitis, suffocate or lose my mind. I'm in desperate need of help.

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The doctors will check if you hAve any serious illness

Please don't worry

Have you tried breathing techniques

Meditation .... yoga ..... Pilates ..all these do help

There is lots of things on you tube to help anxiety too

I lists to binaural beats ..The honest guys and Jason Stephenson

This helps me alot and I do yoga and deep breathingM

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Thanks. I will try some of the strategies you recommended :)

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Give things time

I have also recently read a book called "the secret" it changed the way how I think about things especially illness have also tried cyrstal healing and reiki

And find this helps to

Also cbt therapy


I think you need to go to the doctor. You might have a strep throat. Do you have a fever? A sorethroat and hives are not In themselves serious on their own but put together, I would say you need to be checked in order to get proper medication. You might need antibiotics. I am no doctor but I always used to get hives when I had a strep throat. going to a clinic, if you cannot go to a doctor, to get this addressed as it will help you a great deal to have a less stressful weekend and t get some sleep.

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I think I'm going to the clinic today because the hives won't go away, and neither will my other symptoms. Thank you for suggesting this. I'll let you know how it goes :)

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Yes good go get checked out by a doctor..

Maybe you should get checked re hour Pain Attacks. There is something called a Panic attack disorder. I had terrible Panic attacks when I felt like I was dying years ago it. Was terrible. . Tho you may feel like running away from them. You have to sort of face them head on. .which isn't easy. But keep doing what you normally would do like listen to calming music herbal teas. Try to keep calm. As you can. Count to whatever number you want during it. Focus on the breathing. Try not to hyperventilate .....but see a doctor or whoever to give you reassurance your OK.

Tat122 call me at 7733318844

This is Christine 1970 I just replied to a post above, please read think u will find it heloful

If you ever need someone to talk too I'm totally here for you!! And whoever reads this as well!

Kik messenger: b3autifulsouls

I'm really struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. I have fibromyalgia, inflammatory arthritis and several other painful joint and nerve conditions. I have been on prednisalone steroids for 4 months along with a lot of other medication, which has added to my anxiety and I have been housebound for the past 6 months and struggle to walk. I have now lost my job as a support worker as a result of this and am struggling financially. To top it all my mum has just been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. I am terrified of death and very close to my mum, seeing her daily. I'm am so sad for her and don't want her to suffer.

I'm just so scared that me and my mum are never going to get better or be happy again. I meditate, do emotional freedom tapping and try and tell myself all will be ok, but the physical symptoms of anxiety are what I'm struggling with most. I tell my mum I'm fine because I don't want to worry her.

Will I ever get past this stage in my life? I feel overwhelmed 😥

Sorry to ramble on, I just thought I would reach out.

Best wishes,

Jenny 🌞

I am so sorry jenny!!! :'( words can't describe how sorry I am! The best thing we can do is keep going no matter what, I know it's hard to do sometimes because we see no way out, it's almost like being in a maze, but always remember there is a way out and there's hope, love and healthy life waiting for us :) hugs!

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