Unsure if I had an anxiety attack

Hey may be a strange one or not but was sat with my little one next to me listening to music and all of a sudden I my body started to feel like it was burning on the inside and I wanted to run off but I didn't move have no idea why or what that was I have felt like it before but last time I ended going to stand at my back door and the tone of my voice changed this time I didn't move and change of tone in my voice so was wondering any one else had this... I do have bad anxiety I have meds but not sure they working really I don't sleep till 5am till 8 am if I'm lucky and I seem more snappy at my family and I don't mean to be I don't always realise it at the time tho I hate been snappy to my loved ones at all I don't no why I'm snapping at ppl but can't be a good sign tho right


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  • Hi. Lack of sleep will definitely account for your snappiness - not to mention the frustration your illness brings every day. One of the things about the sleeping habit is that it becomes a learned behaviour and very difficult to break. But then anxiety and ocd are quite often linked.

    As you know, anxiety attacks can come at any time and in any place. So what you described sounds very much like an attack.

    If you are unhappy with your medication, dont hesitate to talk about it with your doctor. It may be that you need a different medication or a different dose. But it seems to me that there is no point in taking the medication if it is not working - though you should not just stop before asking your medical adviser.

  • Thank you for your reply the medication I'm on are new I got them xmas week as we can't find the right ones for me at the minute changed them loads and up the dosage a few times as well I only take the meds because the anxiety was too much with out them asiI hate taking meds but I do take them think my body just rejecting eveeything I have :(

  • Hang on in there- things will get better.

  • Thanks again I'm trying to hang in there just the next few months are not going to be good any ways because of personal stuff with family and my self

  • Try not to concentrate and keep repeating to yourself that things will be rough...it just doesn't help (something I have to tell myself often--so not scolding you! :) big hug! ) I am wondering if maybe during these next few months it might be possible for you to get a little help from a counselor... like maybe once a week, so you can 'get it all out' and ask for some guidance and advice. Good luck to you!

  • Thanks for your reply I am waiting for my appointment to continue my C.B.T as my therapist says I could benefit from controlling my thoughts as it's always WHAT IFS WITH ME I can't help but concentrate on one of the appointments as it's at end of month and it is life or death fora member am trying to stay positive about it tho

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