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Visicous Aniexty Cycle

Hi All

I have IBS which is from my aniexty. Basically I fear going places due to lack of toilets, no toilet access etc so the likes of being in traffic terrifies me. From this I then have IBS and then I worry more and my IBS gets worse.

I've had many tests for the reason of IBS and none where the source so its obvious it's stress induced. I've had CBT, hypnotherapy; I've meditated consistently for months; tried aniexty medication, I've tried so much I've lost count and no matter when I tackle the fear and I win its still there. So for example, if I was to travel to my nearest city and get stuck in traffic but I get through it fine. Next time round I still have the exact same thoughts and symptoms. There is only so much will power a person has to get through difficult situations. It's cost me a relationship, the life I want to live and its really getting me down. Does anyone have similar symptoms or know of any other ways of treating aniexty?

Thank you


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