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Throat Tightness for 9 months


Hi guys! Has anyone ever experienced a tightness in their throat .... Only relief is when I take Xanax.... I've tried Prozac, Celexa, lexapro, I'm really nervous and just want this feeling gone, it's ruining my life.... Any suggestions :(

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Hi Gorjesska, Yes I have experienced tightness in my throat years ago. Had a swallow test done to prove to me that it was muscle tightness causing that feeling. Went to speech therapist who taught me how to massage front of throat as well as relaxation techniques.

Was put on Xanax and it relaxed my throat. Drugs are not the answer but a quick way to control acute anxiety. Once it becomes a chronic condition, other methods need to be used.

Gorjesska in reply to Agora1

Thanks for your reply, yeah it stinks

Hi Gorjesska,

The tightness in your throat is probably the thing I hate most about my anxiety. And yes, I constantly feel it too unless I take xanax. I agree with Agora1 that drugs are not the long term answer. They eventually just make things worse as your body grows dependent on them. I'm at that point now and it sucks. I have never tried throat massage but it's worth a shot. You should probably get some tests done just to rule out anything medical, like thyroid, etc... Medical conditions can cause anxiety and vice versa. So, I hope you told or tell your doctor about it.

Good luck,


Gorjesska in reply to kimbergram

Oh I've had every test under the sun done and everything was normal Thank God!!! Could this be pyshological? It's very frustrating ... Who would do this to themselves? Everyone is telling me it's mental.., idk it's tough:/ I sleep totally normal.. Just when my

Mind starts going, then it's constant and controls my mood. Ugh

Even if it is so called "mental", it still causes physical feelings. That is what so many people, who don't suffer from anxiety/depression don't understand. Mental health is physical. Actually, all disorders impact the brain in some way or another. It is just that you can't see the effects of anxiety or depression on the outside and there is not any really good testing to be able to confirm what you are feeling. But, this doesn't mean that we don't feel it. My partner used to say "it's all in your head!" He thought that meant that it wasn't really there and somehow I was making it up (even if I didn't realize it). That is not the case. Anxiety and depression, along with many other "invisable illnesses" are absolutely real and can be felt at multiple points within the body. Chronic anxiety from stress can kill you. Thats a fact. Don't let anyone tell you that what you are experiencing is all in their head, because if someone put your head on their body, they would feel it too. Hang in there and keep advocating for yourself.


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