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On Monday I got my results from mri and 3 blood tests, it was hellish waiting for them, and I was losing it with worry, strangely that gave me something to hold onto, now surprise, surprise they found nothing wrong, and my doctor is happy just to pack me off with citalopram like that's it, but its not, okay things are getting better, but really nothing has changed and I feel so much sadness,

I'm trying to do more but its overwhelming, I got upset yesterday and I've been shaking inside ever since, but people say I sound brighter, really I want to cry but I can't. The few little things have pushed me back emotionally, even if the pain is manageable, other things just seem too much, I walked on my own a bit yesterday and I could feel the fear creeping over me, I want to go away for a few days, I cancelled so much stuff I feel like I have to try and live normally, not cancel yet another planned trip , if anyone has any ideas on traveling without having a melt down please let me know

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I have health anxiety and I to have had many tests done. CT scans / MRI and MRA with and without contrast / x-rays / blood work etc. For both my head and my heart. They all come back looking very good. But I do have some nervousness and anxiety about the feelings. I have to convince myself that it is the anxiety and that I need to live with them until they naturally go away.

There is a post by a member here named Beevee and she explains very well how this all works. You are living uncomfortable and it has to be this way but you have to retrain yourself and the brain that everything is OK. It is very true. and it has helped me. I will have great and not so great days but I get through them. Keep yourself busy and around people that care about you and make you laugh. It will only get better. Trust that you are OK and that it will get better.

As for me I trust in God and Jesus that I will be OK and that everything will be ok. I know They are looking out for me and really works for me. I don't want to be on meds and since I have experienced peace and joy by doing what I am doing I know this to be true. Even as I write this I am feeling better. You will be OK and you will get through this and live a life full of peace and joy. Believe and it will happen.



I'm sorry you're going through this. But, the good news is that you're tests came back ok! It's "just" anxiety. Trust me, I used the word "just" lightly because anxiety can hit you like a monster truck, but it's how it's explained to people who suffer with it...hey don't's "just anxiety!"

I've had all the tests too. Echograms on my heart, to MRI/CT scans to Spirometer tests...and everything in between. It's a funny feeling when you the the "all ok" from the tests. It's almost like you need them to find something so it can explain the way you're feeling. It's scary to know that it's not life-threatening and "just" anxiety. For me, that's because there isn't an exact fix for anxiety. If it was my heart, or my lungs, or a tumor, or whatever else I've thought I've had in the past, there could be some sort of action plan. Plus it would justify the way I've been feeling and prove to others that something was actually wrong. But alas, "just anxiety."

I think Devin76oh had great advice. It's the exact thing I try to do with my anxiety. Just accecpt it and let your body calm down. Anxiety is driven by fear..which in turn sparks all kinds of chemical reactions in your body and wrecks the natural process of things. The longer your anxiety and fear cycles through you-the more nasty chemicals your body is going to create and cause a mess inside you.

I know anxiety is a battle. My heart goes out to you. I know it's unfair that you have to deal with it. I'm sure at one point in your life you could just...well..just be. But now you have to battle with this. It sucks. But, you can beat it.

Practice mindfullness. Learn acceptance for anxiety, or at-least try. Trust that there will be better days.



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