New to this, very anxious girl! Sorry in advance if I annoy anyone. Just forever needing reassurance

So I'm new to this, I can across it while doing my daily search google for my symptoms type of thing. I really want to be able to get over my anxiety and learn how to cope with it, but I constantly every single day think I'm going to have a brain bleed. I can't keep going like this. I am 21 years old, and suffer from health anxiety. Basically, every day I just feel like I'm waiting to die. I hear pops in my head, I feel sensations in my head, I go dizzy and get bad headaches. I had an mri scan around 3 years ago and all was fine. But I'm worried that now something has developed, especially with how stressed I am with my anxiety. :( not sure how much longer I can do all of this :(


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  • I know how you feel. I keep thinking exactly like death is waiting on me. I get so scared I can't sleep. I've thought several times am I having brain issue, brain tumor, anurism, bleeding. And then I get scared thinking of cancer too. I've diagnosed myself with everything. I'm stressed about my anxiety too. I get warm sensation in my head and back of my neck like I'm about to get a fever. I'm constantly lightheaded and get dizzy moments too. I sometimes feel like I have to force myself to breath a complete breath because my chest feel like its tight and won't let my full breath out so I have to push the rest out. When I do finally go to sleep I keep getting jolted out my sleep. This morning I came out of my sleep like I had no breath in me. I felt as if I woke up gasping for a breath. It's things like this that make me more afraid to sleep.

  • YES!! That's exactly it. Although it's awful and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, I'm so glad to see I'm not alone in this. I always think I'm going crazy. My worst fear is a brain aneurysm and it's so terrifying. We shouldn't live like this, we should be happy!! I'd love to meet people with health anxiety, and discuss things. I think it would be amazing to see how alike the symptoms are!! I went to an emergency appointment at a mental health hospital today, because I'm just so exhausted. And I can't cope anymore. They are going to refer me for cognitive behavioural therapy! So hopefully one day I can come back on this and give people my success story and help others. I hope you find the light too. Much love xx

  • Ashleyxo, I'm glad you are going to get the help you really need by starting CBT. Nothing ever came of goggling symptoms except making your anxiety go sky high. I wish you success and will wait for the day you write your success story and help others. Meanwhile we are here for you at the forum. There is always someone here to give you the understanding and support you need along with your therapy. We're here because we care. x

  • Thankyou so much! It means a lot to me. For so long I have had this and I just feel I'm at a dead end. I would love to be happy again. I am here for all of you as well! I'm new to this so not entirely sure how it all works but I'm open to learn and help others! X

  • Ashleyxo, let me go back a minute and Welcome you to the Anxiety Forum. It's comprised of a wonderful understanding group of people of all ages who really care about each other. You will learn a lot more from the forum than you could goggling. You will hear others struggling like yourself as well as success stories. My only advice is for you to keep an open mind on what you read. What works for one person doesn't for another. Your doctor is always your best resource because he knows your health history. Jump in anytime with any questions or concerns you may have. There is always someone hear to listen. Know that you are not at a dead end but at the beginning of your journey towards ending this anxiety. x

  • I just have the constant fear I'm going to have a brain bleed. My head is sore just now its right across my forehead. And just irritating. I need to learn to chill out! Thankyou that's very helpful. I can't wait to see other stories and hear of everyone's success eventually!! We are all fighters xx

  • What caused you to focus on brain bleed? Your head being sore across your forehead is more likely from muscle tension being so anxious. I believe when you start therapy it will open a lot of doors for you in a positive direction. x

  • I have no idea I just started having this fear. And it's taken over my life. I'm hoping soon I can start to lead a normal and happy life! Thankyou for your support it means a lot x

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