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Good days

It makes such a bring difference to have a good day

I've been to the dentist of all places and managed to walk upstairs on my own, and get across the room unaided, only had a couple of minor panics but considering I was having root canal work I think that is okay

I still needed to hook on to my gran when we were out, but we walked for miles and it was sunny, okay my nerves still feel weird but I was thinking about them less, and for a while I really felt like myself.

I wish I could have stayed outside for longer, sunshine makes such a big difference, I do miss being able to go out on my own, but one step at a time.

Good luck and happy vibes to everyone


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bellebella, this all buts proves when we have a good day, it's not the place we are going to that makes us panic. Feeling well emotionally allows us to conquer our fears and go on with our lives whether to the dentist or a luncheon. You did well. x

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It is the feelings of anxiety that stop people from doing normal stuff. Not the places. They fear the feelings of fear. All anxiety is fear based but please don't wait until you are feeling better to do things. Recovery lies in doing things while you have anxiety so take that walk, go to the shops even if you feel crappy. Anxiety thrives on avoidance. I had health anxiety, relationship anxiety, the whole shooting match but guess what? It is all a bluff and a symptom of anxiety and not the cause of anxiety.

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