Please advise me!

I just started a new job at a university today and everyone seems nice but I've never worked in this kind of position before and I'm so scared I'm not good enough to work there. The other two people in my department are friendly but I'm constantly anxious because one of them has worked for universities since she graduated and at some quite good ones. The other one is an Oxford graduate who says he was getting paid more at his last job which was really related to what we are doing now. I just totally feel like I don't fit in and I'm not cut out for this. I was feeling anxious at my last job too but for very different reasons. I don't know why I'm constantly unable to be okay at work! I'm such a failure...


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  • I was same problem, and I applied the 50 days leave and visit to forest, mountain and greenary of the north Pakistan, with full enjoyment now I am fit and interesting the job. Please visit tourist place

  • I just started working there so I can't ask for any time off.

  • You know the saying "fake it 'till you make it"? Act brave and good enough and you will become brave and good enough.

  • That worked for me ...

  • Thanks I'll try.

  • You're not a failure - it's always difficult starting a new job and some people find it very stressful indeed, but things can improve - give it time. Meanwhile, don't be afraid to ask your colleagues if you need help or advice on how to handle some aspect of the work. Do the best you can and forgive yourself if you make mistakes - just try to learn from then. When you are not at work, try to have a proper break and do something you enjoy. Best of luck!

  • Thanks for your advice, I am really trying to research and put more effort into learning about how to do well at this job. I have really been enjoying my weekend so I hope that I can go back to work refreshed!

  • Give yourself time to settle in its always horrible to start a new job You say the people are nice go day by day Don't feel a failure you must have got a good CV to have got the job in the first place

    I'm sure in a month's time you will think what was I worried about

    If you aren't cut out for the job then I'm sure your bosses would be having a word with you

    So hold your head up and feel very proud you are capable of getting such a good job and I hope in a few weeks you will be able to say you are enjoying it

    Wishing you all the best and put the word failure out if your mind you are nothing of the sort

  • Thanks Cat. I am really trying not to think that I am failing and I am focusing more on getting experience where and when I can. I just really hope I don't get fired or anything.

  • That's great its early days and embrace learning new skills Failure isnt an option why should it be you are just as good as the rest They just have more years experience that's all

    Have a good week x

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