Anxiety Fooling me again

Hi I was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks yet again in July and had to cancel my holiday I was off work for few weeks, and then went back to work,, still worried it might come back ,but i managed for quite a while. and then last weekend it hit me again, and yes I gave in to it and i am off sick again this week. but when I do my gym classes I feel great and the symptoms are not there i feel normal what ever normal is. does anyone else feel this experience. Happy Days xx


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  • Honestly, the best thing you can try to do is grit your teeth and attempt to keep up with a normal schedule. Where you screw yourself is when you lock yourself inside and hone in on all of your anxieties. The more distracted you keep your mind and the more energy you exert the less anxious you will be.

  • I guess I should start working out then. :) Have you tried meditation? It helps me a lot.

  • Keep doing what you're doing. Go to the gym five days a week if you feel you have to. Always have something to do, and do things that make you feel happy. Going to the gym is just like hitting the reset button on your hormones.

  • Typical anxiety. It feeds on avoidance so just take it with you. Go on holiday, go to work, do what you want to do. Live your life. Doing normal things will gradually bring back normality. It can't harm you and is all a bluff. You feel great at the gym because you are burning off all the excessive adrenaline from your body caused by having over sensitised nerves. To heal your nerves, stop fighting all the symptoms and allow all the thoughts, feelings and weird sensations to be there. It is the constant fighting, questioning etc that keeps feeding the anxiety. You will not get better until you stop trying to get better.

  • I've been suffering like thar for yrs it goes worse lately due to stress I just keep getting one problem after another and I fund it hard to cope.I think I need to follow ur leed and start exercising hope u stay 😊 and everything works out for you

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