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can anxiety be causing this?

For past 6 weeks I have been having a number of symptoms:

Started with pins and needles in arm, then burning in arms/ legs and pins and needles spreading.

Drs kept telling me it's anxiety.

other symptoms:

Blurry vision on and off

Feeling weak/ numb in arms and legs

Now have really achey legs near knees and below them (calf muscles) and achey arms. This is constant every time I walk/lift things.

I'm so worried it's something else- even had a head MRI as I was convinced it's MS but that came back clear.

Bloods also clear except low iron, which being treated for.

Can this really be all down to anxiety?

Thank you to anyone that can help/ share their experience.

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It could very well be anxiety. I have most of those symptoms


Thank you, so hard accepting its that and nothing else!


Hi there,

I'm dealing with similar symptoms, but a lot of mine were brought on after a bought with viral meningitis. I also have extremely low ferritin/iron, which is being treated. Have you gotten your b12 levels tested? Low b12 will absolutely cause pins/needles/neuro issues.


Thank you,

My b12 was borderline -173 so I had 6 loading injections. Still having same symptoms though.

Many thanks


Ove had anxiety (and depression) for as long as I can remember. Several years ago i started getting some of the symptoms you have and over the last 4 years I have gotten all of them plus some. Last October I had a MRI that showed lesions on my brain. From there I had a solid 2 months of intensive testing and everything was ruled out except MS. Apparently there are many many other autoimmune diseases that can mimic MS with their symptoms - Diseases I had never even heard of. Personally, I would get into a neurologist and start getting tested for other things. I always thought my symptoms were all related to my anxiety but now I know it was also MS and I wish I would have asked several years ago. BTW, anxiety and depression are often more prominent in people with autoimmune diseases.

I don't know of that helps or makes things worse but I wish you the best.


Have you figured anything out. I am experiencing the same thing for months...my MRI and blood tests all clear...


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