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Anxiety,panic attacks,PTSD and depression i went to MHMR yesterday i will be getting med's soon and i will only take them if needed i want to try my best to ride through it with out the med's.. if any one thinks im contradicting my self i only explain things the way i know how about things.. im bringing this up because i just had a comment about what a person thinks about what I've said in one of my post but its all good everone has there own opinion

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Hi Jax, I understand what you are saying because I managed anxiety with medication one time and then this time round without. I believe whole heartedly in the power of the mind but agree with. The fact that it dosnt work that way for everyone . My youngest son is 25 and attempted suicide because of anxiety and depression., his mind was too fragile. Everyday is a battle for takes something in your mind to trigger and think this is bull.... And start to fight it. That's what it was like for me, they say you should do it to help yourself but for me it was seeing the effect my anxiety was having on my partner. And the worry it caused my children.I think some people can harness that power and some people feel so overwhelmed with there symptoms that they just Arnt able to do it at that point, And that's no disrespect to anyone it just means we are all different, I myself needed medication because I just couldn't deal with how I felt anymore, and a bad situation can and often does put you back into that dark place in your mind. I admire you for your research and reading. It's a positive thing to do to try find out how you can help yourself, I'm all for that. You can also pass on your knowledge to others😀👍were all human Jax and our levels of suffering can go up and down on a daily basis. Take care Jax, I'd be very interested to read what you have found out 🙏🏻 x


I agree that you have to reach a point where you are tough enough to confront issues head on, solo and with will power. When you are in that panicked state or highest level of anxiety, darkest point of depression you dont think the same way, otherwise thered be no major problems. Support in these times are so important x


Hi Jax

First and foremost it takes great deal of bravery to go through what you are going through.

I'm glad you sought out help! For me I'm 50/50 on medication. To me it sounds like u just started with the meds and I am assuming ur symptoms are still pretty intense.

U did say u only need to take ur meds when needed. If u do feel great don't take them but if u feel completely horrible don't feel guilty or whatever by taking them. The doc gave u the meds for a reason. So if u feel bad one day take them or whenever you feel bad. If u feel great, GREAT!

I MUST STRESS tho, please follow ur docs instructions on how to take the medication.

Thanks and Good on u for seeking help!


I'm sorry someone is giving you trouble. You are entitled to do whatever works for you. If you decide you don't want meds, try your best to focus thoughts on all positive things. You can't go wrong. If you decide its time for meds, take the meds. Good luck with overcoming anxiety and panic attacks. They're terrible, but it's possible to overcome without meds.


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