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argh the post that got away x

Hi all, how are we all?

So I come on and I sit and think of all I want to say, I start to write and I plan it in a way as I do so im not being to forward with my explanations ( don't want to give my phobias to others lol) and I tell all about my day what I have done and what I have not done. Pretty much like a record in some ways always spinning the same crap music. And I moan about the cold air. Im cold, dont know if any of you are, but brr im sat with top and jacket and blanket and brr, don't wanna put heating on as kids are sweating in bed. It is so cold, well either that or i've lost the plot. Durham could have snow tonight in my mind its that col lol. Anyway back to point, so I do all this pos maybe overdid it as it was long, put i'm feeling proud and then do I hit submit, nope I hit the back button :o its gone, my lovely post has gone.

Sod it x you got to listen to this rant instead lol xx

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Hate it when that happens but you got back on here, I would walk away in disgust!!! Sorry you are so cold maybe you are in for something, although it will be getting colder anyway. Hope you are now tucked up in bed and cosy as.Your previous post is happily in cyberspace!! Take care, Julie xx


Ty Julie x i was going to walk away but i figured hey may as well see the funny side of this :). I have had a cold for a week, not the conventional type just borderline hanging on in there waiting to strike type, so maybe its due to that, or maybe its tiredness, I'm finishing off my prog and Im off to bed x its warm there as the hubby been there for few hours and he like hot water bottle for me to stick my ice cold toes on ( the pleasure i get from that).

Ty same in return :) xx Donver



Well I was a bit upset earlier , but a couple of nice ladies have put me back on track , which I am grateful for :)

Just been sewing Santa's feet firmly down on Sons Christmas Jumper , yes you did read this right , he is nearly 20 & every year likes a Christmas jumper , like the ones in Bridget Jones Diary film , so you can picture what we wear on Christmas day :D

Well I have never pretended or said I am normal on here , so thats what we get up to

I am in the Midlands & its been about 58 to 60 in temp today & its not cold tonight either , but of course up Durham it will be :o

Now I wont sleep because I will want to no what was in your other post :-/

Get your hot water bottle filled & that might help :-/

I can just imagine you there , do you have a bobble hat on to finish the look :D





Hi whywhy, sorry to hear you where upset x you always seem so cheery it sometimes escapes my mind that we all hurt in individual ways x Glad your back on track though x YOu always find someone who can turn your day around :) x

OOh xmas jumpers, I love xmas. And why not with the xmas jumpers if its good enough for the royal family lol x I like people who stay off the normal path as I don't know what normal is lol. I love seeing people dressed up at xmas makes it more fun:) x

I think its me with the cold thing lol x maybe the hubby right cos I dont go out im in the constant house temp so when it drops i feel it

more x

Ah the post, was gutted had even plotted on a map where my ship had sailed. Im on a round the world cruise don't you know lol x I must be in the antarctic that would explain the cold.

Im not quite scrooge yet gotta save that to rival you with ya festive jumper lol so ill keep the hat off x

xxx Take care Donver xxx


Hi ladies, i ve now started reading your posts in your regional accents...gonna be a hard habit to break that one! I sound like i should be on corrie if your inclined to do the same lol! xxxx

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This made me laugh looking glass , my kids say I sound like Janice Battersby , when I am talking slang , so there you go , just imagine :D



Hi Looking glass x is there an actual accent for Durham lolx I get called a geordie all the time x Saying that a lot of the time when i say county durham i get called irish lol x

Don't know why looking but since you said corrie Im gonna picture you as stella now lol x is that good or bad;) and of course why why can be janice x id have to be noris cos im bloody nosey hehe x


Had to laugh Donver. I am also from the Land of the Prince Bishops ;) When giving my address to someone over the phone they too asked if County Durham was in Ireland :o Had me very puzzled :D



Made me smile too..... well im from Hull so that's a good one for you looking glass ;-) xx

I think I may also play this game!! xxx


Ooh who are you gonna be anne xx


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