Anybody got experiences with dog shocker collers?

Ok my collie cross as got this horrible bark. All day everyday untill my OH comes back he's like it. So my mate said get him a shocker coller they give them a little shock everytime they bark. So I got one off eBay. It came today and I put it on him not long back. We'll worst thing. He barked it shocked him and he was crying in pain. So it kept shocking him. I tried to take it off and he went for me cuz he was in pain. We'll I shouted at him to shut up then put mussel on him and the took it off. I had it on the lowest setting so I'm thinking a fault maybe with it xxx


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  • O dear donna

    I have no experience in this what so ever , but it doesnt sound very good , poor dog :o

    I would send it back no matter what to be honest , even if it wasnt faulty , it obviously is hurting the dog & that cant be right :o

    Get is sent back hun & get a refund




  • I've used a water gun with my dog and found that works, I used it this week when he was non stop barking at the rabbit I only used it once and he has not barked since he got a soaking.

    That collar sounds as if it is faulty it shouldn't do that, we tried one on the rottie we used to have and it didn't work on him he still barked!


  • Would not use it,I think some of them are illegal ? I bought a spray from pets at home,not really a spray ,high spurt of compressed air,like a loud hiss,only needed to use once,safe and efficient ,it's in a red can,dog behaviourists use it.

  • My water gun came out of a cracker!!!! X

  • LOL I use a supersoaker on the neighbours cats ;-)


  • Winter , it cant be a supersoaker one then like thomsons or it would have had to be a big cracker :D


  • It's a tiny tiny ting thing, not a super soaker!!!! Xxx

  • Winter you made me laugh tiny , tiny :D

    Well how ever tiny it is , it obviously did the trick :-/

    You didnt end up going to the garden centre then :o


  • No, I said I trust your judgement! He said no you don't and we are going together! He is sadly mistaken he can go on his own! Xx

  • Thats it Winter you tell him :-/



  • I am so glad to see another anxiety sufferer with the same problems as me, it is not just me with a hell hound then?

    My dog is a 40kg male German Shepherd, 1 year and 4 months old, I've had him since he was 7 weeks. I made a massive mistake choosing this breed for a first time dog, but I do love him to death and couldn't live without him. He's a constant trouble maker, jumping up, mouthing, chewing and pinching things, all that puppy stuff. But the one thing that has grinded at me for months now, is his aggressive barking towards the neighbors dogs. It has affected me so much, that I refused to let him out for the toilet because I didn't want him to bark, I would not sit outside if he would be there. After many complaints from neighbors, we've been forced to fence off 3/4 of our garden, so now Milo only has access to 1/4 of it, which is nothing for a dog of his size. It's big enough for toilets, but only just big enough for a little play.

    I do not walk my dog, as I am too depressed with no energy, and suffer social anxiety, so lack of exercise is the main trigger to my dogs behavior, and mixed in with the fact he's still a baby. We only fenced off the garden properly 2 days ago, it was bliss and we thought we had hit the nail on the head, I could sit outside and not worry what trouble he was getting in to. But about an hour ago actually, he managed to rip the washing machine drainage pipe off the brick wall outside, whilst the washer was in progress! So water shot out everywhere, and Milo began to dig in the muddy puddles and ditches, so he ended up filthy and so did the house. We had no alternative but to bath him outside, using the hose pipe, and that isn't easy as he repeatedly barks and lunges at the hose pipe, in play.

    I admit, I have considered a shock collar for his avid barking not so long ago in the past, but I do not want to be seen as a bad owner, nor him a bad dog for wearing one. He is not 'bad', he is a DOG, not a human, dogs bark, but people don't seem to understand that. I have also tried squirting water at him, it did nothing, made him more hyped up in fact as he loves to bark at the hose pipe and anything containing water. I have also used the pet corrector in the red spray can from pets at home as LindaLou described, that worked once, then after that, he didn't care for it and still continued to play up, and they are £6 a can!!. I know the solution to my problem, I need to socialize my dog more with other dogs, animals and people. But that's easier said than done with the problems I have.

    You said your dog barks all day until your OH comes home, I am presuming he is 'pack leader' and whom your dog is mostly bonded to? Your dog may well be suffering from separation anxiety, in which case, any form of punishment for his barking is not appropriate. If your dog is scared to begin with, and then suddenly he is getting shocked every time he tries to communicate his anxiety, that will tip him over the edge, and I have heard of dogs having heart attacks from being so scared in similar situations. You need to distract the dog, take him for a long walk, play with him in the garden until he simply cannot move any more, that way he will sleep and be more relaxed inside the house. Try some trick training, hide small nibbles of food around the house, turn it in to a distraction game so he has to go off-guard to find the food, tell him 'find it' and turn it in to a fun tracking command. Reward him for relaxed behavior, if he lays down, give him a treat and say good boy, that is what you want. You can turn the relaxed behavior in to a command, it's very possible, when he lays down, use the command 'settle down' and reward, then afterwards you can have him lay down and stay on cue.

    There is a great video tutorial (loads of them in fact) on how to manage separation anxiety and barking on youtube.

    Here is one to curb dogs barking, it's pretty good, and when your dog becomes anxious or a nuisance, you can teach him some tricks to distract him, and get his obedience up to your commands. Also, dogs have a sixth sense and are extremely good at picking up human emotions, if you are feeling anxious, for sure your dog will too. He will be on high alert, guarding the house, barking at anything he sees as threatening, all to protect you because he knows you feel bad.

    Stopping barking:

    Settle down/relax:

    Tab289 (on youtube) is a very good dog trainer using positive reward based clicker training, my boy does well with clicker training without the need for punishment, I just simply correct him, I recommend watching Tab's videos.

    Good luck, I'm in the same boat!


  • What, a fault with the shocker... The fault is with you hun, what were you thinking, can you imagine our OHs putting them on us when we dont shut up. im shocked, no pun intended mate. They should be banned. Dogs bark, cats mieow and women moan, thats life xxx

  • Lol it's never going on him again poor dog. I thought it wud be just a slight ping on him but no it was horrible, I was nearly crying wen I knew it was hurting him. Never again I agree they shuts be banned. I shudder of just invested in the college that sprays every time he barks they used that on him wen he was a puppy in dog training. Muffin I've had my Scooby six yrs and he as carmed down a lot but he's still OHas told me to get did of him but no as much as a pain he is I love him to bits.I walk him in the dark with a muzzle on as he gets into frenzys and goes godmother dogs. I am going to buy this stuff as mentioned anything's worth a try.I've emailed the eBay user and I've have gone mad saying they shuts be done for selling them. Cookie u r right and I wish I had never brought it. I've two signatures other just barks wen she hears anything Scooby is none stop thou. I am goo got look at these th e videos xx

  • My spelling was bad then its because of the kindle :-)

  • Oh, what a horrible experience, for you and the dog. They are banned in Wales but not here yet, although most dog trainers are against them. Hope you get some success with the hissing can. A friend used that on her dog that kept jumping up and it helped. Just don't let him see the can though, so he doesn't associate the horrible noise with you!

  • They shud be banned everywhere they r not nice at all, hopefully I will have better look with the can at least it's not going to hurt the dog xxx

  • Yes my bro got them for our dogs..... theyre barbaric.... horrible things and should not be used at all!! They should be banned!!

  • Water pistol.......ideal and humane

  • Hi, l bought a couple of the red hissing spray cans... l used it a few times.. and now if my dogs start to get a bit high l just tap on the table with it and they hear that . . and then ee the colour and mooch off . .problem solved each time .

    l also have old kitchen spray that I have filled with water . . . that has started to work with just letting them see it haha

    Good luck with finding something harmless that works for you and yours

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