Can anyone relate?

I have a hard time falling asleep now because I have had a couple of bad panic attacks at night time that either prevented me from sleep or woke me dramatically and dreadfully when bedtime comes it sets me off, even though I am doing better, I get scared at bed time now. Do any of you know how that feels and what can help me ease off into sleep instead of this dread? Thanks for reading and I hope you are all well...or coping better at least...🙄


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  • I went thru this exact same thing! I was sooooo afraid of bedtime and would literally force myself to stay awake until a saw it get light outside and for some reason that made me feel safe enough to doze off, sometimes. I started taking Magnesium for my panic and anxiety and my nighttime dose helped me get right to sleep and sleep thru the night so wonderfully until I learned how to do it on my own again. That may help you..

  • Yea i can relate to that too. Its so weird ive been dropin off 2 sleep then wakin up feelin short of breath back ache its horrible

  • Hi I too am a very bad sleeper I have tried everything occasionally listening to free sleep hypnosis has helped ,I understand you feeling scared as I become like this regularly its different reasons for me but keep trying and try hypnosis it does work for some people ,here if you need to talk staystrong_85 ,I'm usually awake late sometimes just talking on here can help hope this helps :)

  • Yep I been dealing with that for over two months now ever since my anxiety had kicked back in in june. I was not getting any sleep or couldn't stay asleep. I'd get maybe 2 or 3 hours a night. I was terrified to sleep. One, because I associate night with death and since I'm afraid to die it had made afraid to sleep. Two, because I was afraid of getting panic attacks again because most of the ones I'd get would happen at night and wake me up right out my sleep. Then my mind would race. So I couldn't even go back to sleep. I have pretty much condition my mind that when nightfall hit I couldn't even relax mentally. But I will say with time my fears got less and less. I miraculously have been getting a little better with sleeping at night. Still not the same as I use to before my anxiety came back but I definitely see progress at night. But I still have times of me tossing and turning.

  • I have no problem falling asleep, but wake up for no reason and start to feel ill. I don't get it, we're asleep why does this happen??? Such a vicious cycle.

  • Hi Normal63, I think it's because our mind never turns off. It's just put on pause while we sleep and the minute we wake up it's like hitting the "play button" and it picks up where it left off yesterday. x

  • My anxiety also mess with my bed time sometimes, and to fix that I try to think in good and calm things, or do something that make me calm, like read or watch TV. Normallly this helps me

  • I am the exact same way. I get nervous right before it's time for the kids to go to bed and I'm sittingup by myself as my partner works at night and he doesn't understand my attacks. My muscles twitch and I can't breathe and my heart races. I get scared and think that I am dying. I try and go online and look at new makeup techniques (I'm a makeup artist) until I fall asleep. Then I wake up during the night and do the whole process again. Let me know if you find something that works!!!

  • Thank you everyone! Very useful info and I feel better knowing you all understand. So far meditation and/or disney movies bring me comfort, lol. I have been trying everything and I am finding small neat things to help. Also chamomile tea is helping out. I am starting to try hynosis a little too. I am doing better but still have that slight fear inside. I appreciate you all thank you. I also got rid of the boyfriend, whom I realized wasn't actually my help but my trigger. Thanks again well.😚

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