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Hi I am a 37 year old who has been dealing with anxiety for as long as I can remember, started as OCD and then health anxiety and now have a diagnosis of ptsd.i am on meds but find everyday really hard. I am constantly worrying about my health, I currently get pain on my left side kinda where of your bra band sits are around the front...due to my ptsd I think it's cancer and it consumes me and all my time. I then get into the cycle of panic attacks and not wanting to do anything other than worry . I find it so hard to focus and my mood and emotions all change when I am in this state.

I would love to speak to people who suffer like I do , as sometimes you feel that your the only one and that you are going mad.


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  • Hi Yummymummi79, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. Of course our mood and emotions change when in this state of anxiety. Hopefully coming to this forum will not make you feel so all alone. You will see how others who deal with the same mental health issues handle their worries and fears. The difference between an anxious person and the average person is that we tend to put too much focus in everything we feel. To us, it's never just a part of living, but instead becomes a dire medical issue that ends up putting us in panic mode. It takes work, practice and patience to overcome the obsessive daily worry. But it can be done with acceptance that these symptoms are harmless and are just a part of our wiring and over sensitized nervous system. Worry begets worry and before you know it, you are in a continuous panic mode 24/7.

    That gives you little time to live, to enjoy the niceties of life. We have to get ourselves "unstuck" ..Being on this forum will allow you to interact with others making you feel that you are not so alone or that you may be going mad. Nothing is further from the truth. This is only the beginning of you healing. x

  • Hello,

    It's good that you can see this as a negative thinking pattern. The next step is to try and throw a wrench in it! Lol

  • I agree talking to others who too suffer helps. It's hard to talk to friends and famiky for me because no one knows how I feel. They tend to just think I need to get over it and go do something but mentally I can't. I find my self canceling a lot of plans and sometimes my husband has to drag me out of the house. Simple things I used to love are so hard to do now. I hope you find talking helps you too. Just know you are not alone. I have been diagnosed with panic attacks, agoraphobia, health anxiety, OCD, and social anxiety.

  • Thanks guys, it really is a tough thing to have to deal with. I have had to reduce my work hours due to panic attacks and I find it hard to get friends and family to understand how real my worries are. They just see me as overreacting and tell me just not to think about it !!!.

    I can have a few "normal days " but only have to see/ hear or read something to set me off again....then it all comes back , I often wonder if I'm ill which causes the anxiety or anxiety causing me to feel ill. I feel like a hamster on it's ball, going so fast It can't stop it to get off.

  • hello sorry you have this problem the title of your post prompted me to write a reply to you as I also worry a lot and recently came across a little gem in guise of a book written by a lady called Jennifer Shannon entitled Don't feel the Monkey Mind she herself is a worrier and the book is so good I am now reading it again so that's twice just to let what she says sink in I would really prompt you to look the book up as it has helped me immensely and I feel as a worryer it would help you too :) XX

  • Thank you, I will look up this book and give it a try. Anything to control my consuming negative thoughts .

  • It will I have read many many books on the subject this one I came across by accident it is not well publicised but it's the best one I've read x

  • Hi im new too. Firstly get your pain looked at...be firm dont get fobbed off. Im suffering really bad right now with lots of things with mental heath, panic disorder, agoraphobia, ptsd.....i could go on but dont want to scare you. I used to have bad health anxiety but am alot better with it now. X

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