Lyme Disease?

So basically for the last 2 years I've been experiencing loads of different symptoms which have just got worse and worse. Always get the typical look from my doctor like 'it's all in your head'..

I literally have every symptom of Lyme..

Head pressure on one side



Brain fog / much slower mental clarity

Difficulty thinking of words

TMJ jaw pressure mainly left side also

Tremors / Shaky hands / Weak legs / Difficulty controlling movement

Constant fatigue

Difficulty focusing on fast moving things (eg traffic going by or reading moving writing)

General feeling 'off' & derealization type feeling

Gassy discomfort pressure type feeling on left side (digestive??)

Strange blurry vision

Because I've had an MRI, Blood tests, CT scans etc & I have so many symptoms I can understand why I sound like a hypochondriac but these symptoms are all very real. I also took citalopram for a few months and it did nothing.

I asked my gp about Lyme as I live near a country park with Lyme warnings and I have been bit by a tic when I was a kid (possibly more recently without realising ?!)

My gp said that the blood tests were all normal and would have shown up any abnormalities..

I'm so sick of it I'm 22 and just want my life back.. Nobody seems to be able to help :( it's ruining my life

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  • Had all those symptoms too, they always bring up lyme disease on google too. If you've been tested and it's clear then you can stop worrying that it is something serious. I think it's a combination of some anxiety symptoms which cause intense worry, which leads to fatigue and even more symptoms. Vicious cycle. It will pass when you stop focusing on it

  • I agree that this is all in your head and so not easy to fix, but acceptance of that and psychological approaches are the way forward . Otherwise you may have a lifetime ahead of you of multiple symptoms and health anxiety!

    Good luck


  • Hi I too have all of these symptoms plus I passed out a couple of months ago out of the blue. My doctor has said its all down to immense anxiety. I do agree with him that yes since my ill health started I have been so very anxious but I don't believe that anxiety is the only answer. I am so worried that I am truly ill and the doctors are missing it. I also can't get over the fact that I passed out when I have no history of this? I feel ill most days and it has changed my life and its affecting everyone around me especially my young daughter. I don't know what my next step is as I feel lost and scared and so worried about the future and no one seems to be able to help me. I just need to feel well again so I can try to be a good mum xx

  • Hi there, I hang around this site looking for people who have similar symptoms to mine since I did find the cause, and it is not merely anxiety. My anxiety lessened hugely when I learned my cause: delayed reaction to Cipro antibiotics, which can cause all of this stuff. Doctors are still oblivious. If you had any antibiotics at any time before this started, it could be that. If not, please never take these antibiotics (fluoroquinolones) because there are safer ones to take. The FDA in the states has added new black box warnings to these drugs, but most doctors remain oblivious. Write to me if you like, if you did take any, and I can steer you to helpful places.

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