Lyme and anxiety

I just want to let you guys know to keep pursuing all medical leads until things get ruled out and then I can be sure all it is is anxiety. You know I have been posting a lot last month or so and I just want to let you know I got diagnosed with Lyme disease tonite. I know Lyme makes anxiety worse and I am sure all my medical symptoms also led to my anxiety skyrocketing I know everybody had all my symptoms on here so both Lyme and anxiety can fool you. I encourage everyone to rule everything out and I know most of you have gone through a million medical tests like me. Now onto antibiotic treatment and continued battle with this horrible anxiety.


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  • Praying for you and I know you are going to get better soon!

  • Hi noemikahle, how did you get test yor lyme?

  • I specifically asked for it. I was really desperate at the doctors, had to ask to get time off from work. I really needed to rule out everything since I feel so crappy and some things were just too much to explain away by anxiety. Had anxiety for years but never this bad with inability to be upright longer than 10 minutes before shaky/ dizzy feeling. My doctor wAs good and did Western Blot test ( better diagnostic)

  • Can I ask what your symptoms are

  • My symptoms started in January with high blood pressure and facial numbness/ tingling. Went on blood pressure meds, numbness resolved. Then I had shoulder blade/ chest pain ( stir have). Negative stress test, most likely GI. I also have 100 percent increase in panic attacks GAD with inability to be upright longer than 10 minutes due to shaky/dizzy feeling, Have 100 percent exhaustion , tension pressure headaches every pm. These symptoms have been getting worse. No joint pain though. Does fit with all the anxiety symptoms on this site as well, very difficult to distinguish.

  • Also foggy vision and some on and off nausea. Also lost 20 pounds since January, no appetite.

  • I was told it was anxiety for me too, only to find out I was ill.

  • What was your diagnosis if I may ask? I think this is why it's so important to continue to rule medical things out until you are finally left with anxiety only. You never know I guess.

  • I had been poisoned by heavy metals.

  • Some information about magnesium and Lyme. Maybe of help to you.


  • Thanks. I will take my antibiotics first but then after def will start taking magnesium. I did hear that sometimes antibiotics mix badly with magnesium but I will ask my doctor on Monday

  • No anti biotics and magnesium stop the other from uptake in the body. You can take them but apart by about 5 hrs.

  • Okay thanks. I will ask my doctor anyways to be sure. I did order magnesium glycinate since I had magnesium oxide at home which I heard is not good.

  • Oxide is rubbish and a waste if good money. Make sure when you buy magnesium is isn't buffered with oxide, it's how they like to ripped you off. 100% chelated Magnesium Albion is best. I was tested for Lyme, I developed MS symptoms in the end. My symptoms have all gone by the way, but if they're going to come back, well, who knows.

  • I got magnesium glycinate. I will start with that them I can switch to the other one. I almost feel like I have MS symptoms right now, have trouble standing. I am glad your symptoms resolved. Did you get a lot of anxiety symptoms as well? I feel like my brain is under attack ( I hate this feeling).

  • My left side went all weak, I ached all over, my stomach made very loud noises ALL DAY. I can't explain how bad it was. Panic attacks were ever 30 mins. If I had to go through that again I'd kill myself first.

    I would wake up liked I'd thrown a bucket of water over myself EVERY night in bed, it was actually my body trying to rid itself of poison !!.

    The worst symptom for me was my brain, i just felt like it wasn't working right and had closed down on my left side, it was actually the metals in my brain.

    And I don't need anyone to tell me anything about it, I already know thank you.

  • I would also like to know what test you need to diagnose it and what symptoms you get with it?

  • See answers above. Make sure though you ask for Western Blot test, otherwise they do a different test where there are a lot of false negatives.

  • how do you find if you have lyme ?

  • Ask your PCP for a test, just ask for a western blot test if you really want to rule it in or out.

  • you only get it when you get bit by something?

  • And is lyme is when something bites you? and you get infection?

  • Lyme is through a tick that bites you, generally you need to be out in the open countryside but not always.

    If you have it you'll be given anti malaria drugs. I was given them.even though I didn't have it!!!

  • oh okay i never got bit by anything but i do be having hives like itchy sometimes

  • I had a tick in my neck for two days but I dismissed it because it was a bigger tick and I didn't see the typical rash although there was a scar of some sort. I guess you never dismiss tick bites.

  • oh wow where you from its alot of bugs ?

  • Yes Mass. I just saw a family of deer next to my front window and they spread the Lyme tick

  • What is wrong with you, your symptoms?.

  • My main symptoms are GI stuff ( heartburn/ scapular pain/ gas/) and extreme exhaustion with inability to be upright for longer than 10 minutes at a stretch. I also have dizziness/ headaches and super anxiety.

  • Hmm anything else, pain anywhere ?

  • The only pain I have is persistent shoulder blade pain/ pressure/ upper back pain but did not notice any other pain at all, it's so strange because I know a lot of people have joint pain.

  • Mine started with wrist pain then panic attacks !!.

  • The reason why they thought it was Lyme with Me was the symptoms but that I worked as a roofer and worked in the countryside alot. I did get a rash and was bitten ALOT by things, ahh them were the day's !!!

  • Oh okay yeah thats understandble

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