I hate where I'm living my neighbours are vile I don't feel at ease living here and I'm scared of being stuck anxiety has got worse recently and my daughters who's nrly 15has noticed which is hard coz I'm fretting abt how it's affecting her,there's never aday when I dnt feel anxious 😩 and it's he'll.i have 2sign on at job.c and di everythg they say which I hate I feel I can't cope I dnt no were ti waiting fir councilin and it's taking forever can someone help please


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  • I no it's hard to say but I think you need to concentrate on getting yourself less anxious stop worrying about your neighbours focus on your family enjoy life more try doing something together with your daughter .

  • Its how we react to our problems that cause the most psychological difficulties. I note a lot of your posts are about your neighbours, but you really must focus on undertaking the necessary tasks to deal with them (report to the police, council or whoever), arrange to move (not easy if you are lucky enough to have a council house), come to terms with the situation and get on with your life.

    i know these things sound easy to write down, but you are in great danger of making life much worse for yourself and your family by how you react.

  • this everyone😊

  • thanks everyone🍀

  • Hey I got all the same I been through it all and still going through it and one night I was laying in bed I felt so ill and I thought right Time to get some help and I did I had my 1st session of councelling it nervous when you 1st meet but then it's ok all the best

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