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Waiting on test results

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I had my colonoscopy and EGD scope yesterday for blood in stool for 8 weeks and they said they did t see any cancer, tumors, ulcers, or polyps. Praise God, ! They did see inflammation in the colon and took biopsies to see what's causing that and how to treat it possibly colitis, my fear is that they might say cancer , I know she said she didn't see any . My stomach is still very gassy and only tiny pieces of poop with blood , like wet gas. So I'm still scared of what this could be . Any suggestions

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The inflammation in the colon is highly unlikely to be cancer and is not serious, even though they took biopsis it's highly unlikely they wouldn't have recognised cancer if it was there. I suggest you should be 99% relieved instead of still 'scared'. When they tell you the inflammation is only inflammation I hope you will be 100% relieved and not continue to worry in case they've made a mistake. This is how anxiety works on us, always worrying about illnesses we don't have.

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Lynl in reply to Jeff1943

The part I'm worried about is what has been causing some blood in my stool and not much stool coming out even before my prep. The blood even though it's not a lot has been going on for almost 8 weeks . And how this is going on is worrying me

Hi Lyn1 I agree with jeff1943 celebrate everything was alright .I had to have similar procedure last year for blood in stools and I was found to have 2 small pollops that they sent away to check although the specialist told me they were common non cancerous ones.they still check them.i was so happy when everything was OK just some hameriods ,be happy and enjoy be thankfull all is well.

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Lynl in reply to jessiejakes

Don't get me wrong I am very happy we just don't know where the blood was coming from and I still don't know what is what makes me s don't get me wrong I am very happy we just don't know where the blood was coming from and I still don't know what is what makes me sis me anxious

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Lynl in reply to Lynl

They also said let's see what Gastro doctor wants to do and that makes me nervous to. But I'm trying

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jessiejakes in reply to Lynl

You could have a wheat intolerance my x had that .it can inflame bowels and. Tummy.what he had was celiac and all he had to do was eat gluten free food.

Try not to worry sounds like it can be fixed by gastro doctor .plus hamariods can be high up in bowels or colon and they can cause bleeding to.that's what was causing my blood in stools.hope this makes you feel better.

All came out good , its gastritis , and she gave me hydrocortisone enemas . Great ugh lol

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E--- in reply to Lynl

Wow so very happy for you 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 wishing you every happiness and good health 🌹

All the best for you and your family xx

Elle 🌹

Any results yet

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Lynl in reply to Mireyaozzieg

Yes it is colitis, I think I acciddntly wrote gastritis on a previous post , so the gave me 3 weeks worth of hydrocortisone enemas 😖She said it will get to the Inflamation faster . Don't like this ugh! But glad it's nothing else .

Answered prayer that's great news.

Divaticlitus or irritable bowl syndrome I would say

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