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New negative thought everyday

Is anyone having a hard time staying aleep? It seems over this past month I dont get any consistent sleep. I sleep an hour wake up might fall back to sleep another hour or two and jump back up. I toss and turn. This morning I woke out of one of my sleep moments and my head and hair was sweating. I don't know I'd maybe it was my air that cuts on and off. But it did seem like I had to kick my covers off here and there. But I broke out in a sweat. Then the worst thought came to me while I'm partially sleep. That maybe I'm not getting the right oxygen or blood flow to my brain is why keep feeling out of breath at night and keep getting these rushes of numbness and adrenaline coming over me. And that's when my sleep got worse. But I have to ask. I know that I am falling asleep because I gave dreams, but I'm not staying asleep long. So is it still good that I'm atleast falling asleep? Last night I remember having three different dreams which I assume this means I fell asleep three times after waking out of my sleep. This gas been my sleep routine for the past week which is still some what of progress from a few weeks ago. So does this mean I'm making progress. I do feel like I'm getting a little better with attempt to sleep at night. I don't feel as scared.

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