Zoloft experiences?

After 6 years of battling this beast, today is the day I finally make a step forward to getting my life back and start medication. My dr. Says my anxiety is severe and without cause. She referred to is an endrogenous anxiety, which is not triggered by external events, but rather a chemical imbalance. She said medication tends to work well in these cases. Anyone have any experiences taking Zoloft?


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  • Hi Amy

    I have started taking sertraline 3 weeks ago and was on it for a couple of years before (came off it in March).

    As you have probably read, everyone reacts differently to these things, they take a while to work, the first two weeks can be tricky (but they don't have to) , it might take a while to get the correct dosage and you need to commit to them for while.

    The biggest bit of advice I could give (and hard for an anxiety sufferer) is not to overthink it. For example 'is it me or the drugs?' , 'I'm rubbish I need to take drugs to be normal' etc. Just accept it as you trying to do something to help you.

    One other thing and I am sure you know this but they are not a substitute for therapy, mindfulness or whatever else you are doing to help yourself, they are complimentary.

    Remember if you start to feel better it is because you made it happen, whatever, end of.

    I came off them a while ago as I was feeling better and thought I might lose weight being off them. My nervous breakdown 3 weeks ago lost me 10lb, (not going to sell many books!) but the main reason I was ill was not giving up the drugs, it was that I was not managing my illness.

    I hope that this has been useful and hope that things work out for you.

    All the best, Matt

  • Hi AnxiousAmy

    I have been on 50mg Zoloft for 3 weeks and had a few days of side effects. These were hot flushes, waking up early and not getting back to sleep, weak arms and some stomach pain. These subsided after 4 days. Yesterday my GP upped dose to 100mg Zoloft and I have just taken that first upped dosage. I will report if any further side effects from the change of dose. I have already noticed a change in me though. I am not crying anymore where as I was crying every day before, and I do have more motivation. Hope this helps x

    Linda x

  • Thank you Linda!! This helps tremendously. I am currently on day 2 and no side effects yet... Wondering if it takes a few days for them to start.. Please do check in again :) good luck!

  • Hi anxious Amy

    I have been on them for 2 days now and took 2 of 25MG. First day was a breeze yesterday had the best day after 3 months . But at night was when I got the side effect. Woke up at 4 with brutal pain in my stomach and hot hot feve but ice cold sweats.. I didn't know how to react so I threw up . Felt better but didn't fall back sleep.. my anxiety is alot better but I have sleep problems now .and also numbness in my body..I'm trying to focus on the outcome of it..2 to 3 weeks I will feel better. Stay strong

  • Thanks for sharing!! Please Keep checking in! We can share our journeys together.

    Today is my third day and I still thankfully have no side effects.

  • Good on you .so glad to hear that. How is your anxiety? I had to work from home today again . I'm fearful of losing my job now.. everything is taking a toll on me. And I'm so sick that can't get out of the bed. No appetite at all..so that makes me even weaker. Keep posting

  • My anxiety seems to be slightly better because my dr gave me a short term supply of klonoptin until my medications kick in. I do feel a decrease in appetite, but if that's the only side effect I'll be fine with that. Hang in there! Take it day by day! We'll get there!

  • Had a panic attack today... Day 4 on Zoloft. Surprising because I'm also taking a small amount of klonoptin for a couple of weeks. Anyways, i was sitting in my living room and suddenly the worst anxiety came over me and my scalp started to BURN! I have NEVER gotten like that before. I laid down and it went away after 5 minutes. I was exhausted so took a nap but was on edge the rest of today. Went for a run tonight to try to burn off some anxiety, which seemed to help a bit. Hoping for a better day 5 tomorrow! Much love to you all

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