MRI results

Yesterday I received the brain MRI results as below:

"Normal intracranial appearances.No focal parenchymal lesion is demonstrated.No signs of significant traumatic intracranial injury. No intracranial hemorrhage or mass lesion. Normal ventricles and basal cisterns. The orbits and sinuses appear normal.

There is an incidental partially empty pituitary sella.This is a common incidental finding but it can sometimes be associated with idiopathic intracranial hyperthension. I note that the ophtalmoscopy is normal hence this is unlikely to be of clinical significance. The empty pituitary fossa can also sometimes be associated with pituitary dysfunction and therefore it might be worth considering some basic pituitary function tests.

Conclusion: No significant intracranial abnormality is demonstrated.No signs of significant traumatic intracranial injury. Incidental partially empty pituitary fossa as described."

Honestly I feel 50% less tensed now that I know I do not have internal bleeding or brain injury however anxiety kicks in whenever I read the last sentence regarding the empty pituitary sella. Shall I worry about this or would it sound more like a hormons'level kind or problem?

Wondering whether this was acquired as a result of the head trauma 7 weeks ago or maybe I was born with it?


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6 Replies

  • this link explains it all.Empty sella syndrome: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia › Medical Encyclopaedia if it does not go blue and you cant click on it just type empty sella syndrome into google. hope it helps. love grace.xoxoxo

  • I read about this too but don't understand much, would I be at risk of developing cancer or dying?

  • Outlook (Prognosis)

    Primary empty sella syndrome does not cause health problems, and it does not affect life expectancy.

    i hope this makes you feel better dear. thats the reason i posted this for you as i had read this part. and no it says nothing about caner or dying . love grace xoxoxo 🌹this was part of the link i sent you. i have not made it up. be happy dear and relax. you are fine.

  • "What is the prognosis?

    ESS is not a life-threatening condition. Most often, and particularly among those with primary ESS, the disorder does not cause health problems and does not affect life expectancy."

    Shall I trust this information?

  • yes yes yes.

  • thank you so much, you're a star!

    sending my gratitude

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