MRI showed nothing is wrong with my brain doctor said got home laying down feel this hot burning sensation in on of my legs this still a bit anxious and worried about that sometimes I feel it on my chest or arm or face but right now just that leg like in the back of my thigh. Doc gave me a referral to a EMT cause one of my ears seem to clogged with wax lol maybe that's y I feel dizzy.right now feeling a bit positive hopefully you do to!


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  • Hi Colby,  I so glad for  you that the MRI was clear.  As for the hot burning sensation in your leg I would bet is due from being so tense and lying on that table.  I always ask for a wedge pillow under my knees to try and avoid any additional stress to the body.

    Good Luck at the ENT, I need to go one of these days too.  You can let me know how it went.  :)   Take care...

  • I was about to panic because iim now thinking I have a collapse lung cuz I was inhaling steam because I wanted my headache and dizziness to go away is it anxiety that's making me think that my right side of my chest hurt like near the breast area down  it felt hot now it hurts

  • God forbid. I do I'm anxious u know?

  • I know you are anxious Colby.   What makes you think you have a collapsed lung?   You've just finished inhaling with steam which probably caused your chest to feel hot.  I think the panic is making you feel pain.  Didn't you just come from the doctor?   I've never used steam for dizziness or headache just for congestion of sinuses or a bad cough.  I think your anxiety is getting away from you, now that the MRI was clear your anxiety bully is picking something else to worry you.  Of course, you can always call  your doctor back and see what he has to say about how you are feeling.  Don't put yourself through this worry.  Feel better soon.

  • Yeaa I calm myself down I used the steam because earlier I felt super lightheaded and like little headache from inside my head and I don't like that feeling and I started to panic like I thought I was about to have a stroke. Lol I sound nuts but I was worried and now I feel R u dealing with your anxiety? How was your day?

  • I'm okay Colby.  The morning anxiety upon awakening is when it hits me hard.  Can't seem to get rid of that terror feeling in the morning, but then through the day it gets better.  I do a lot of deep breathing as well as listening to relaxation/meditation tapes.  It really helps me.  What's nice about this forum is knowing everyone understands what we are fearful of but if you tell the average person, they have no idea at all.  Wishing you well. 


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