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MRI scan tomorrow

As some may be aware had a CT scan 4 weeks ago on the day of my head injury yet no brain injury was detected except few facial fracture. However in order to put my mind at rest I ordered an skull MRI for tomorrow morning and am expected to get some results on Thursday.

The neuro radiologist advised that they want to do it without contrast dye and the private doctor I've seen Saturday said that I look healthy, checked my retina, ears and asked me to touch his fingers, push his legs etc.

However...I honestly can say I have never been more scared in my whole life and the more I think about it the more the facial scar hurts translating into sharp pains in the middle of the head (although said area has never been affected).

Am just wondering if the MRI comes out just fine but I continue having headaches over 1 month after the trauma shall I assume it's anxiety? Likewise I can't stop thinking about the prospect of having some intracranial bleeding. hematoma, injuries or a tumor.

The thought of it horrifies me.

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Of course you are going to feel afraid and your anxiety is going to be zooming round telling you all these " What if's " but I would say the " What if's " could be all positives , they find nothing at all and at least then you will have peace of mind :-)

Then after the headaches could be anxiety or they could be because of the head trauma that you have had and will subside in time , this is something after the scan you can discuss with them and whatever they say remember they are the professionals so trust them :-)

Good Luck and let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x

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Will do and thank you, at times there are thoughts that question the accuracy of the MRI and I'm bit like "so what if the MRI is not accurate, what if I am developing a tumor etc"


It will be accurate , that is your anxiety talking , when you get the thoughts say out loud for them to shut up you are not listening , try and replace them with anything else that is positive :-)

I sometimes have counted in my head to block out all the negative thoughts :-)

I think you will be fine :-) x

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I hope so too as the CT scan 1 month ago didn't show anything concerning though.


I will let you know how it goes


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