MRI results

The MRIs came out clean, no brain lesions or intracranial hemorrhage detected however they found an empty pituitary sella which the docs advised could have been there before my accident.

Still having migraines as and when, no nausea or double vision however yesterday was terrible had massive headaches and bled from my right nostril after taking a shower.

Does anyone get like a warm sensation right in the top of their head as a results of anxiety?


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5 Replies

  • Yes i get that warm sensation on top of my head or side of my head. It feels like uve been sittin in th sun for ages but ur not. Im also dealing with heachaches at the moment and a horrible tight feelin down the front of my neck. Doc said its all down to tension headaches and my muscles in neck and shoulders are really tense.

  • I received a similar response yesterday yet somehow I cannot explain the small nostril bleed I had after taking the shower.

    And I get the similar warmth right at top of my head. Is this pure anxiety!?

  • I definitely get a warm sensation quite often. I don't have bad headache or migraine but I get a warming sensation

  • as if you stayed longer in the sun? any sweating though? red ears?

  • Well I never looked at myself or my ears when it happens cuz it happens out of nowhere. And not really no sweat that I've noticed yet. But definitely the warming sensation.

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