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Risks of having an MRI done 1 month after the CT

Hi All,

I feel extremely unwell and anxious about having an MRI next weds, exactly 1 month after my head injury last month. I never had this done before and am worried I may be at risk of radiation and may develop complications as a consequence of having an MRI after having a CT scan on 11th of July.

Has anyone had both within the space of 1 month and can advise if they had any issues?

I chose to go to a private clinic and have the MRI done next weds in order to put my mind at rest that I don't have a brain injury or hematoma. I am very worried to the point where I'd start crying constantly asking "what am I doing to myself?".

And yes I am a 28 yo man.

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Hi AlexLu, I don't know the answer as to having an MRI after having a CT within a month's time. I am wondering if the private clinic you are going to next Wednesday is by your choice or your doctor's orders. They really should have a copy of the CT report to compare it to. Ideally, your doctor should be the one getting the report as well as ordering it. I know you are very worried...


So the story is this: went to GP to ask to have an MRI, been told the gp cannot refer me to a private clinic but that the docs from max fax can. So I then I went to the hospital and asked max fax doctors to refer me for an MRI and been told they cannot do this but that I can do an MRI through a private doctor. Feeling hopeless


That's what I was afraid of. So it sounds like another doctor would have to get involved. Don't feel hopeless, it's just that your GP knows your case history and it gets more confusing for you when you step out of that circle.

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am just wondering why would they deny me a referral for a private clinic- for which needless to say I am happy to pay for.


I don't know. I know someone who ran into that last year. The insurance wouldn't pay and so she went to a private clinic, got the results and brought them back to her doctor. But I never knew why they denied the referral. Just like in your case.

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