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Can Anxiety Cause Hives?!

I am freaking out right now! I was changing and saw that I had hives all over my stomach and chest. I'm not itchy but I'm having difficulty breathing. I'm freaking out. I am under alot of stress right now as there is a family emergency going on. Can anxiety cause this? Is it a panic attack? Am I going to die?? Ps. I've never had allergies before

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Tat122, If this is something new for you, I would give your doctor a call, not only because of the hives but the difficulty breathing sounds like it could be an allergic reaction to something. x


Are you okay Tat122?? Did the rash go away as well as difficulty breathing?


The rash never went away but the difficulty breathing did. I was having a bad panic attack. Thank you for your concern

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I'm glad you are okay! x


How are you doing i think you should go see a doctor asap just to be safe


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