Bad health anxiety

I have had horrible anxiety all my life but now at 51 it is more health anxiety! I'm freaking out because I have a big infected hair follicle on my head and it has to be lanced tomorrow and I'm afraid the doc is going to say it's cancerous but the first doc said its just an infection but it's got so much pressure that I'm afraid what if these antibiotics and cream arnt working for a reason. Anyone else have this? Super scared. lynn


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  • Well this is my first hearing the term health anxiety. .what's that like. I can imagine from what you are explaining that I may be dealing with it to...

  • It's as if I have a canker sore and I'm calling an oral surgeon to check for mouth cancer, or like right now I have a sore lump on my scalp that a doctor already said was folliculitis (infected hair follicle) but I need it lanced and I'm scared it will go septic or be cancerous. I don't have trust in doctors. I google symptoms and worry about things that havnt happened . It sucks. lynn

  • Hiya. I have had an infection pretty much the same but the hair was under my armpit. ( and before you ask i do shave and dont have under arm hair It grew inwards, caused a nasty infection that made my arms swell, burn and very inflamed and did actually make me seriously ill. Had it cortarised ( burnt or frozen) dose of antibiotics and job done. They wouldnt have suggested this if they thought it was anything more serious. You are bound to worry cos its on your head area. I worried thinking mine could have been breast cancer and it wasnt. When its itchy, sore to the touch and just irratating its very unlikely to be cancer or anything serious. Hope it all goes well

  • Thank you ❤️And glad all is well with you too. lynn

  • I've seen youtube videos of boils being lanced. It is amazing how big they can get, then simply disappear after being treated. And before you all go 'Yuk', apparently they are some of Youtubes most watched videos. You could get your op filmed Lynl and maybe become famous too.

  • Well now I'm more freaked out than before , the doc didn't drain it and said it may be an Infected cyst and he said he isn't worried about it BUT...I found that my right lymph node above collar bone in that little pocket is swollen and a sore gland on my neck and the doc checked it to and said he wasn't worried . I asked if it was lymphoma and he said no and not to worry , but he also said if it isn't gone after antibiotics to call my regular doc who is also with CCF but you never get to see your primary . So in my mind I'm thinking they are going to test for big stuff if this gland is still swollen and the bump on my head is still there. Been panicking all afternoon.

  • Hi Lynl, your doctor is following protocol to protect you from the infection spreading by first putting you on antibiotics to calm down the inflammation. It is normal for the lymph node to be swollen until the antibiotics kick in. Try to turn your negative thoughts around. Panicking is wearing your down. I wish you well. x

  • I saw another doctor today and he thinks it's a infected cyst, also I have a swollen lymph node above collar bone and a swollen gland on neck. He says not to worry and I'm a crying mess because I think he's wrong. He did say to see if antibiotics work and if not ,, I should call my regular doctor . These are all CCF doctors but they are so busy, you get a different one all the time. And I feel he's just passing me off to someone else if the meds don't work. lynl

  • Thanks for listening. Lynl

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