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so I have had anxiety for over 3 years now and I experience every possible physical and mental symptoms that are from it I look everything up if I feel something or a pain or anything its such a struggle I worry about every little thing and I just want to live my life without all the struggle and worry that I carry with me I worry that I'm just going to stop breathing or that something is going to happen to me. Tonight I'm freaking out a little I had gotten my pd a few days ago and I went to the bathroom to switch out and seen a blood clot come out and it freaked me out so of course I did research and it says it's normal sometimes idk any advice to help me calm down a little or something please

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Hi, this happens to me too, it's all normal.

Try a wellbeing or yoga course. I have a wellbeing app on my ipad which I've found really helpful. It taught me how to still my mind and stop me worrying about everything. It reinforced the self hypnosis sessions I had with the pain management team at my local hospital and now when I start to stress I take myself off to a quiet spot and do a session on the ipad. It only takes 5mins and I'm calm again. The app was free too.

That happens to me a lot.

I had a memo and they saw something they wanted to biopsy and I was so stressed lost 15 pounds in couple weeks blood pressure was sky high but it turned out to be nothing so I know how you feel

I mean mamo

I think that's totally normal I have had that before, I think it's like a thick mixture that builds up inside then it slowly works it self out. I too worry sick all the time. Constantly fearing I'm dying or something will happen to me where my health is concerned. You're not alone x

I know I just want to get to the point to where I know that that's what it is some days I just feel really nauseous and other days I feel like it's hard to breathe do u ever feel that way just knowing that some one else goes through the exact same symptoms as me makes me feel better

Like that past couple days I've been getting really nauseated and then I feel real hot like sweaty hot

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