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I need my ear to heal. Dizziness.

its been 11 months since I was on a flight home from Spain and my ear nose and eye was in so much pain when landing. My ear still hasn't popped properly since. Over the next few weeks from that I kept saying to myself "I feel really anxious". I was up 2 different nights gagging. But my ear was not bothering me.

my partner suggested I see his sports massue to get rid of stress. Boom my life has never been the same since. I got off his table light headed my balance was not good. My legs felt funny. I thought it would go. 3 nights I never slept. Phoned an ambulance as I still didn't feel right. Taking to hospital and giving diazepam. The spots massue pinched my neck. 11 months on my head doesn't feel right. My left ear is full. It rings so loud. I'm woozy and dizzy all the time. I cant believe such a little everyday thing has ruined my life.

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I am sorry you are suffering so bad and yes sometimes it can be hard to believe one small thing can give us so much grief !

I suffer with my ear , I get ear infections in just the one ear at least twice a year sometimes three and I have just been getting over one and like you my ear feels full , I get light headed and ringing in my ears which I have been told is tinnitus not nice at all :-(

For the ringing in my ears I try and have some other noise going of in the background even at night I sleep with a fan on as it can distract you from hearing the ringing

I know I have decided the next time I get this ear trouble I am going to insist the Doctor gets to the root cause of it , have you persisted in getting some answers as to why yours is ongoing ? I would keep pushing for some , it could be deep down in the inner ear where the issue is , if there is one there this causes the dizziness and feeling of been off balanced

Sorry I don't have a magic cure , I would tell you what it was if I had :-) but I do have an idea how you feel and I have accepted this is something that they may never be able to do anything for as that way if they do it will be a bonus :-)

Take Care x

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