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I don't know what's wrong with me

I am honestly getting worse, the pressure in my head is unbearable and I get major confusion and numbness 24/7 on my arms and rest of body, still don't recognise myself and my voice is far out still, I went to school and it didn't even feel like school I felt empty and like I had no feelings and everyone looks weird. Anyone can relate???

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Totally anxiety Madison1234, It can make you feel non existent. Moving like a robot. Focusing into life around you can make you feel unreal. There is nothing wrong with you, Look into the mirror, you are real. It's the anxiety playing this mind game on you. Don't allow it to. Accept that it is anxiety and nothing more. You need to break that negative concentration level into a positive one. Something has caused you to feel this way. Pressure of some kind from home or school. Talk with a counselor if you can. Express what you are feeling. Keep on the forum and listen how others your age handle the same feelings.


Agora1, I seriously think it's a brain tumour and something serious because you don't understand how bad I feel, I have no feelings or anything


Madison1234, it's hard for me to know how bad you feel because I don't know you or your health history and because I'm not a doctor. I can only relay to you what my anxiety was like. If you feel this is a physical issue, I would recommend you see a doctor who will be able to give you an answer. Looking back, this has been going on for a while. You needn't have to live like this. Find out the reason so you can work on getting better.

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Agora1, they are saying it's anxiety, it's getting worse like the detachment and things it's awful


What did u feel like


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