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It helped me so much

Go on line and look up all symptoms of anxiety panic attacks and omg there are so many no wonder my doctor said i have full blown panic attack disorder wow.... my point is because i seen all of the symptoms and i have damn near all of em i literally calmed my self down by telling my self its only anxiety its normal.. thats it that's all i had to do... so i advice everyone to do the same. Do not let it take you over you take it over and it will eventually either go away or slow down

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Something to think about, what if your mind is tricking you into thinking you have all those symptoms ? underneath there is nothing physically wrong with you. Thats what anxiety does to you


Well the only thing you can do is just realize one 3 things #1 you do have anxiety #2 you do have the symptoms #3 only you can control them whether they get intense or's all about mind over matter.. when you have the symptoms of anxiety panic attack just try you hardest to not letting it bpther you blow that crap off and when you do they will be less intense if you feel yoir head tensing up don't dwell on it pay no mind to it because when you just think and think about it your anxiety will escalate,rise your blood pressure. I have full blown panic attacks and i tell my self everyday im not dying,im not gonna pass out,im not having a heart attack i will be fine☺PEP TALK .. it works i also tell my self i got a CT AND had my heart check and blood work done and all at the ER.. my oral surgeon said i am a healthy 38 year old and i will be fine i had a abcess drained in my jaw and it was meking me have panic attack since the infection is gone the attacks are going away because of no infection and my over thinking now ima have these attacks for the rest of my life but i will get use to it..


It was the best thing I did. To know how anxiety kicks off the physical responses was not only interesting but like a light bulb moment "ah haa!" 💡 also the psychology side of it - how something we percieve as a threat becomes deeply ingrained so that our subconscious is ready to protect us should the threat pop up again. The hard work is up to us in undoing it all and reprogramming our brains lol but its do-able for sure :)

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You said exactly what i wanted to hear, if a person realize its just anxiety it will eventually slow down an go away, some people think its no cure but it has to be when its in your own head, can you give me a call cause i would love to talk to someone thats going through the same thing i am number 7733318844


Your asking me to call you right just making sure before i do.. lol.☺


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