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So much pain

Okay so I have been going through a very tuff time in my marriage these days so I know its a stressfull time on my mind so physically I am being murdered inside.  I have been getting sudden sharp shooting pains in my left side of chest just above my breast that would go down to my left side of rib cage than shooting pains in my left arm with severe shooting pains in my left hanf as well. I get very dizzy and than I get tense because this is new to me???? How is this now happening and is this anxiety as well. I just don't seem to accept that it is. One day o think yes its just that but next day I will think no its my heart...I can't even watch medical movies or anything to do with a movie or advert of any sort where a heart attack os mentioned....

I don't like being scared of each and every pain o feel.

Thank You God for dying for my sinsxxxx

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I get that Alot and at random times of the day its very scary and it is anxiety. I e tried to accept that it is. But its very rough. And i get so Emotional because i dont know how to habdle thema anymoree.

Hope your feeling better today Xoxo

Happy Resurrection Day!

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Thank you so much for the reply yes it's scary so much that I just catch myself tensing up so much that I stop breathing so guess its hyperventilation as well. I wish this on no human being.  


i do get them at times they just randomly happen and just like u I think its my heart anxiety is such a evil thing I dnt even want to hear of heart attacks or of someone dying I just wish we all can get out of this cycle that anxiety has us buried in.


Hi cwoodside

Yes its just awful living with this.  Everyday every hour it feels like a fight to hold on....this was never how God wanted us to live I know that in my heart. .I pray each day just to make it just to find myself doing the same thing over again!!! Try and symptoms just suddenly pop up and that even triggers a new panic


Yes it is a struggle but we have to be strong and have faith


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