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Who do I speak to?

i know the next step for me is to seek professional help but I'm scared to do so? I feel embarrassed and can't help but feel some people might not take it as serious as it feels to me. I haven't spoken to many people about my feelings and a lot people probably wouldn't think there was anything wrong with me as I try to go under the radar as much as I can.

My question to anyone reading this who has already made the first step in getting help is, how did you go about doing it? Is it better to go alone or take a friend with you?

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Go to your gp take a friend if it helps .

Write down everything that you want to discuss symptoms etc . If he diagnoses anxiety ask for counselling or therapy cbt is widely considered to be the best for anxiety

Good luck


Thank you for your advice, especially the writing the symptoms down before I go see anyone, I'm sure that'll help loads rather than trying to think of everything from the top of my head and getting in a panic.


Yeah its much easier when you have a list to tick off. Otherwise you leave the office and think why didn't I mention this that or the other then worry about it until you end up going back again .

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Yes I can imagine, thanks for that bit of advice!


Ive been advised to do this but im not sure whats causing the anxiety :/ i do think 'what if i have this dicease' a lot so it could be that but i agree with you ill feel embarresed if i break down infront of them


The feeling of embarrassment is probably one of the main problems for me and the reason why I haven't had the courage to start the processes to find out what exactly is wrong. But I suppose in order to get some results we will have to try and overcome it.

Wish you all the best!


Sounds like health anxiety. Don't worry about shedding a few tears doctors are used to it. I am a 44 year old man and my therapist has seen me cry a number of times as have the doctors sometimes a good cry helps.


Hey Matt, do not worry about that at all! They've seen MUCH worse, trust me. But if you feel it's time to do something about it, do it. I'd go alone because you can be more prone to opening up in the presence of a person you don't know. Think about it this way: if it's too embarrassing or if they laugh at you (which would not happen in a million years), remember that you don't have to see them ever again.

If you decide NOT to go at this time though, take some St.John's Wort (it was the only one that worked for me when Zoloft and Prozac failed), and do some yoga, CBT and look for MC2 Method online - I believe it's free and it helped me a great deal. I also did guided meditation - you know, youtube and google. Guided meditation is not hard at all, it's like story time at night and it guides you through wonderful dreams.

Good luck!


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