Concerned Cookster

Hi everyone,

I'm having a day of stress as I have an appointment in the morning with Gastroenterologist regarding my abnormal liver. As you may know I have Hep C, have had for 20+ years. My daughters dad also had it for same length of time and he passed away a month ago which is making me very anxious.

I have never really worried over health issues, leaving my house is the major issue in my life but this is starting to get to me. Drastic weight loss is also a concern. God I hope they don't have to do a biopsy tomorrow, I'll faint on the spot.

Hope everyone is feeling ok

Love Cookie xxx


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  • Ahh cookster..........

    Try not to worry too much............. I know thats easier said than done.............but just cos that happened to him , doesnt mean its gona happen to you..... maybe he didnt take care of himself......

    By tomorrow night it will all be over so try focus on that......

    Plan a little treat for yourself tomorrow night to look forward to...#



  • Thanks Anne,

    Think I'll celebrate with a curry mmmmm lol, that will do the IBS good lol

  • ;-) Make it a Korma then luv!! lol


  • They are my favourite, naan bread aloo chat, saag aloo all the dips, I could murder one now lol :-p

  • Hi Cookie

    Was watching a programme on this last night

    Not tell you what is was called as you will wonder why I was watching it :-D

    There was a man that had this , & I was listening to what they were saying to him

    They did say that now , there is so much they can do & even in the worse situation , they now are so good , they can do all sorts

    So that's the secret , keep going to the appointments , they will take care of you , like anne said maybe ex didn't , but with the right care , this bloke last night was going to be ok

    I no you are going to find it hard , keep thinking though , this is to keep me well & they are going to help me

    You will be there & home before you no it & with peace of mind , it will be one less worry to cross of your list , even though I no it feels like a worry at the moment




  • Thankyou,

    My ex had been on meds for his for 5 years. Interferon and ribavirin combined which had nasty side effects.

    I'm trying to be positive and like Anne said look forward to tomorrow evening. X

  • Hi whywhy

    HOw are you doing?? I havent spoke to you in ages!!

    I hope youre doing ok??


  • Not bad anne , few problems of my own , but sure they will get sorted ;-)

    Thanks for asking :-)


  • It all comes at once eh...... Always here for you if you need a chat/sound off!!

    HOw ya doing with the meds??


  • Don't talk about the meds :-D

    Not the best subject ...feel the jury is out at the mo , still working on that

    Sorry Cookie we seem to be invading your blog here ;-)

    Yes anne things come all at once , have to agree , I just feel enough can be enough though sometimes , & sit & think , is it not time for a break ?

    Never mind


  • hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Yes sorry cookie.... that was my fault for being rude...


  • I'm used to people being rude lol,

    Don't worry about it :-)

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