Same symptoms

I have had symptoms that have included and started with vertigo, dizziness, fullness in my right ear, TMJ, headaches (sometimes migraine in quality), light sensitivity, fatigue, worse when I wake up, tendinitis, neck and shoulder stiffness and these have been going on since August 2013. I had my third child about two months before these symptoms began. More recently I am experiencing visual disturbance, and almost like I have to strain to see clearly which is leading me to schedule an eye exam. I have had blood work done, an MRI, saw an ENT who thought it was TMJ, saw the TMJ specialist who got me a prosthetic (mouth guard), and did physical therapy for TMJ. Nothing has really changed the symptoms. I had started researching a few years ago connections between these symptoms and dental work. I had never had headaches prior to having a root canal done. I am wondering how many that are posting on here have had dental work done like a root canal? Apparently, there may be a connection with this being done and long term health problems, degenerative symptoms... I'm still trying to follow up on this lead. Also, I am a mental health professional, and at least in my case am not experiencing the anxiety symptoms but feel like it is normal to be experiencing depressed mood and anxious symptoms at times when experiencing chronic health problems that seemingly have no answers or treatment. It leads to bit of a feeling of hopelessness. Let's not give up hope though! I'm so thankful that there are so many who are willing to share what they are going through. It's can be so frustrating!!  


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  • Hello, I have had similar symptoms have you ever gotten your thyroids checkout 

  • I have had thyroid stimulating hormone checked out and the levels came back normal.

  • I had symptoms very similar to this which were eventually diagnosed as vestibular migraine. I did get some relief for a number of years from taking serc ( betahistine) which is also prescribed for those with Ménière's disease. Amitriptyline was later added as a migraine prophylactic which raised the threshold at which this was being triggered. 

    I can no longer take the amitrip so I'm returning to the issue of food sensitivities which I know is involved I my case. 

    Good luck and good health. 

  • Thanks! Just curious, have you ever had dental work done like a root canal?

  • No not a root canal, though I have read somewhere that they can be very problematic health-wise as there maybe some infection left that has nowhere to go if I remember rightly.. I do have a mouthful of amalgam from childhood fillings, which I sometimes wonder about! I did have an extraction about 4 years ago of a horrible old gnarly cracked badly infected tooth which was also largely amalgam..coincidentally or not I felt loads better afterwards and my health improved remarkably till recently.. I also gave up caffeine round about the same time which I also believe helped to trigger my recovery. I think there are many things that influence our health and we have to really optimise what we are doing to our minds and bodies!...Especially if we are sensitive. 

  • Thank you for all of the information. It's all very helpful!

  • I can't believe I have every symptom following a wisdom teeth extraction

  • I went today to get a 360 degree scan done of my head to look at the area around a past root canal. I feel like it is a shot in the dark. I go back for a consultation regarding the results on May 19th. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the answer.

  • Do you get the heavy eyes ,  extreme exhaustion n not feelin hungry 

  • I do experience heavy eyes, and exhaustion. I have not really experienced a decrease in appetite.

  • I get the heavy eyes and exhaustion.

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