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I am 27 years old i was diagnosed with anxiety last June..every month i'm due on i get a jumpy/jerky feeling in my body which i cant control it causes me to be extremely clumsy. I knock things over alot spill things and trip ALOT....This month i have the jumpy/jerky feeling for over 3 weeks now and its taken over my life my family can see how clumsy i am especially when walking i just keep tripping. Anyone else experience this? i am not on any meds and i have recent blood tests that have come back normal so i have no idea whats going on right now but i can't control whats happening....please someone give me some advice i can't take this anymore. x

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Me too my legs become jelly like and its affect my ability to walk and am always dizzy that's anxiety but keep walking your muscles will gain power eventually I know it's hard but fight with walking especially in the house u will win this


Thank you for you're reply I'm still having these jumpy/jerky feelings and becoming so clumsy. I wish I knew how to stop it. Do you find anything that helps you? Xx


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