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Hopefully some hopeful insights


I am new to the community here and already I am feeling calmer. I feel fortunate that so far a handful of people here have been so warm and opening towards me. My gratitude for this.

Each of us is on our journey and each of us, I believe, has something to offer the other. In my life, I didn't have understanding and supportive people to help me with my anxiety and panic. Quite the opposite, whenever I would try to reach out for help from a friend or family member I was usually met with dismissive words like, "What do you have to be anxious about?" or "You're too sensitive. Don't let it bother you." Very early on I learned to not trust anyone with this information about myself, and by extension of that feeling I learned to not trust myself.

Sometimes all we need is a supportive comment, an encouraging word, a "You can do this. Use your resources!". Community helps us to not feel isolated and being anxious, panicky and fearful can be very isolating feelings.

I have anxiety when I am in the barber's chair. I find it uncomfortable and I white knuckle until it's over. I let large gaps of time pass before I get my haircut. I did have a barber that I felt somewhat comfortable with. She moved her shop way out into the country (near her home) and it became a very long drive to see her. I finally decided that I needed to move through my fear and I went to a barber shop a few blocks from my apartment. Took a friend for support, got in the chair, and got what is probably the worst haircut I've ever had. But, I did it.

I may not be out of the woods. I may have recurrences of anxiety and panic. I may have strong feelings of wanting to shut down and retreat into my head. But I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and I have to try to keep going.

These efforts are made a bit easier when you have support. And that's what we can do for each other...to give us the support that we can't get from those who don't understand what this is all about.

Ok...that's enough preaching from me.

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Battersea922, We all need to hear those comforting words "It's going to be okay". It seems to be more real when it comes from others sharing the same emotional pain.

Hearing the same questions from others who don't understand just seems to make it worse. If only it were as simple as a one word answer to stress and anxiety. Day by

day, putting one foot in front of the other is a start. Little strives become large forward steps. Making progress however slow still gets us to our goal. We can do this and we will because we are not alone anymore. We are safe, today is a start forward. :) xx

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So true, Agora...so true. It may not make the problems go away, but they can be more endurable if an encouraging word is made.

Yes it’s kinda hard to try and not show your anxiety. And it can close up your world if you let it . For me mine comes more when I’m stressed. Stress Leads to Worry which leads to Anxiety, Which leads to Depression. For me I will go and do things in spite of Anxiety, for I fear it I do give into it . It will Defeat me . And if you really think about it . The small amount of time spent dealing with it (Anxiety) is small in the whole scheme of Life !

Everyone on here is very supportive and will give you the best advice that they can 😁

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It's comforting to know that

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