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On the verge of a panic attack

I've been doing mostly ok for the past week but now the anxiety has hit me again full force. I was on vacation for 3 days and I had fun, let loose, treated myself to some delicious foods (spent the last month training every day so I thought I deserved it), and now that I'm back home, where I felt sure my anxiety would be lessened, I feel it more than ever. I've mentioned in previous posts that I have an extreme fear of diabetes, and now I think that I have it again. I've been eating a lot of sugar the past few days, and I have a history of binge eating/ comfort eating. So I eat all of this sugar and worry about what it is doing to my body, and then that makes me anxious, which turns me back to my source of comfort - food - and the cycle repeats itself. My hands and feet felt a little tingly today for about 10 minutes, and then it went away. My face felt kind of tight and numb this morning, and now my heart will start beating faster every so often for no reason. Yesterday the heel of my left foot fell asleep for no reason for around 5 minutes, which freaked me out. A few times today I thought my hands went numb for a split second. I also sometimes get warm feelings in my hands and legs, although they only last for a few seconds. I went in the pool today and the water felt warmer for a few minutes on my hands and feet, and I got so freaked out that I had nerve damage from diabetes! I know it sounds so ridiculous but I'm so incredibly scared. When I binge eat, I eat a lot of carbs and sugar in one sitting and that increases my chances of having diabetes. I get a ton of exercise (during the year, I have 3-5 hrs of rehearsals 6 days a week) and I'm otherwise healthy. I'm not overweight or too fat, I'm 5'1 and around 105 pounds. I have high cholesterol but my doctor says it's nothing to worry about because it's not unhealthily high and it also runs in my family. I get exercise 6 days a week. However, my uncle has diabetes and one of my cousins just got diagnosed. I had a finger prick done in December at my annual physical and the doctor said nothing about my blood sugar levels being abnormal. Besides the left side of my face going numb a month ago for a few hours, and the tingly feelings I felt today, I have no other symptoms. I keep telling myself that if I had diabetes, I would also have some of the other symptoms like hunger, thirst, and blurry vision, but I'm terrified that I won't be able to feel my hands or feet because of nerve damage. I'm so scared, and the fact that I just ate a lot of sugar and carbs is causing me to worry about the diabetes getting worse. I'll feel fine for a few hours and then I'll get really panicky, like I'm on the verge of having an attack. I know none of you are doctors and that I can't be diagnosed over the internet, but any thoughts you have would help. I've resisted the urge to google my symptoms so far because it will just freak me out more, so I've turned to you guys. Sorry for the long post, just needed to get it off my chest. I feel really scared and alone and I don't know what to do!

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Hi anxious 2445, I'm glad you were able to get away and let loose for a few days. Now that you are home and the fear of diabetes has taken over your every thought, it might be the time to have a blood sugar test redone. In the U.S. drug stores as well as hospitals will do a fasting blood test for a minimal amount. At least it would ease your mind. Definitely do not Google your symptoms, that's only going to lead to more worry. We are here to support you. x

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