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What the doctor said

Well my doctor took alot of blood from me,rab lots of test im in perfect health good heart,lungs,white blood cells are great, brain is just fine im am gonna be just fine... well i have a draining tube in my mouth in my lower left bottom jaw i get it taken out in 3 to 4 day's... i have no more head pressure no more anxiety no more panic attacks the infection is gone thank the lord..

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I advice everyone go get a CT scan to see why your having anxiety panic attacks because infections cause them also.. just saying i dont only worry about my self i worry for others also.....


That's great news Jax, what a relief for you 😀Great to start my day on a positive. I can feel the burden being lifted in your message. Onwards and upwards now 🙏🏻😀


Praise the Lord! I'm so happy for you. this is really a great news. :)


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