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I'm glad I found help. Prozac

Let me tell you folks that I have always been against medication of any kind. But over the last 8 months my anxiety attacks, stress, panic attacks have led to my health turning very bad.

8 weeks ago I woke up lightheaded, issues with light sensitivity and heat sensitivity, brain fog, memory loss. Lump in throat and hard to swallow. I could feel my body stressing every single day.

I had enough so I went to see a doctor because I thought I had a disease. I researched online my symptoms and thought I ad cNcer, thyroid issues. You name it i thought I had it.

Google did me no good at all. Make me more scared a fearful. So my doctor ran every test under the sun, scopes and all. NOTHING

He started me on 20mg Prozac. first 2 days felt odd but not bad. 3rd day which is today. I took it at 4 am and was very sick. Then 4 hours later I started to feel something. Like a wright was being lifted and my thoughts clearing up with a little less brain fog.

I'm sure I ad a long road ahead me but folks don't be scared to try medication. I can't wait to feel normal again. So I can play with my kids.

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Hi just curious as to how you feel now regarding the symptoms. I have similar symptoms and the one which gets to me most is the cognitive issue. I find it hard to follow simple instructions and my memory is terrible i also suffer badly with stress.



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