Rapid heartbeats fainting and real feel of ill

Hi to all I have had 4 episodes of very rapid heartbeats plus feeling very faint, and really feeling unwell, they last for around half an hour each time, so I went to a&e and was told nothing wrong 2 days later I went to Portugal and it happened again so was put on nebivolol tablets. This made the rapid heart stop then 2 days later I was passing out and went a&e again and was told by another doctor to stop the nebivolol and take gastroenteritis tablets. Then on my return back to England I went to my docs to be told I seem fine and to just keep taking the tablets, it's a joke as I have no idea what's wrong and I'm still feeling unwell any ideas please.


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11 Replies

  • I am not sure about fainting, but maybe if u were too scared it would cause this?

    Fainting would be because of maybe low blood sugar or something like that but i do not believe it is Anxiety, im not doctor but if im wrong anyone please correct me :)

  • One min my blood pressure was high then low then high etc it was up and down all over the place. My blood sugars was find but I have high colestiol.

  • Maybe then that is the reason of ur fainting, the high colestiol.. Because i do not believe Anxiety does fainting.. I never saw that symptom anywhere not here nor on google.

  • I didn't never actually faint right out just nearly but have constant dizziness. More so when I lie down the room spins.

  • Could it be the flight, travelling from a country to another can result in these symptoms? Are they lasting a lot?

  • No as it all started here in the uk 2 days before I flew and I still have it one and I've been home 10 days a few people have said anxiety. Acid reflux or heart !! So I'm at a lose end atm

  • I first mistaken acid reflux for Anxiety, but i do not think ur case is acid reflux.. Is there foods u eat and u feel fine but some others u done?

  • No I don't think any foods I eat change the way I feel. One min I'm fine apart from the odd stabbing pains etc then all of a sudden I feel really rough, and quite ill. Then it will pass after an hour or so and I feel ok ish again, and this is happening on a regular basis.

  • Have you had any relief? This happens to me & it's very disconcerting.

  • I think it is anxiety. I know that I have had times when I feel like I am going to pass out. I get dizzy and weak and my heart will race. I have been checked out for everything and the conclusion was anxiety/panic. Now that you are back home, I would have a complete physical and rule out anything physical that could be causing this and if it is anxiety get some help from a good therapist and perhaps medication to get you through this.

  • Thankyou for your help and support I'm now seeing a doctor this afternoon and will let you know the outcome once again Thankyou 😀

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