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Eating with anxiety

I have a question. Does the food you affect your anxiety? I stopped drinking caffeine and we had a party yesterday amd had caffeine free Pepsi and a bunch of glasses. And baked beans that I pater found out the person uses brown sugar in them. Went to sleep woke up at 3 am and was laying in bed mind started wondering amd hello panic attack. Really bad shaking and scared of losing it got a zanax and kicked in and I feel a sleep.

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I believe maybe yes, caffeine doesn't really affect me but i think Alcohol does


I had a panic attack to while I was drinking Starbucks and eating ruby Tuesday's by myself, the night prior I did a good amount of drinking and smoked a few cigarettes too. I'm also thinking about cutting back on the coffee a bit, which sucks cuz coffee is awesome :(


Love coffee but switched to decaffeinated

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Caffeine defiantly takes a part in my anxiety. It gets my heart racing which then sets my mind off and then boom, panic attack. I try and stay away from caffeinated drinks, no soda and decaffeinated coffee only. Only thing I can't give up is sweet tea, I'm from the south, it's in my blood. I just limit my intake.


Question after u have a panic attack is it common to think about it the next day


Our minds wonder, I know mine especially just keep going like a hamster on a wheele. I think maybe your thinking about in fear that it's going to happen again.


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