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Anxiety around eating

I struggle massively with my eating pattern and my body. I have already posted in another group relating to food but I just wondered if anyone had any advice around the anxiety side of things.

I find the decision to eat food massivly challenging. The guilt and anxiety I get before and after food is hard to control. I often spend up to an hour debating in my mind whether to eat, I pace around as I wrestle with my thoughts. I worry that everyone is watching what I eat & when I go out for dinner at a restaurant or something, I panic at people watching me eat a meal and about having to try to finish the meal.

I'm aware people think I should go and are a GP but it's not that easy to build up to that. Is there any advice people have to help try to control the feeling /:

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Mmmm ! Well tamsin, that is called self consiousnes .

Theres no rules to what or how much you should eat as long as you aren't harming yourself by not eating enough ,and the effects of showing physically ( ie- anorexia ).

I apologise to anyone who does suffer from this I use it just as an example.

If you dont feel you can eat when you are at home there are plenty meal substitutes you can get that will help you get the right nutrition.

It's up to you tamsin.



Anxiety can affect us in all different ways

I have agoraphobia as well as ocd all anxiety related

It sounds like your anxiety is focusing on food causing the problems that you have explained

I understand we can fear talking to out GP'S but believe me they do not judge they are there to give you the support you need & have heard it all before

I know I can struggle sometimes to explain to my GP how & what is happening & how I am feeling so I have wrote it down & taken it with me before & asked them if they would read it & they do ,this could be something you could do maybe

I would strongly suggest you get your weight checked out & make sure it is not having a impact on your health & then you can start looking at where the fear started as anxiety is fear but usually something triggers it of or in a lot of cases it does & start getting your life back & more healthy one :-)

Keep posting & talking to others , there are more than one Anxiety site on HU , I spend most my time on Living with Anxiety , if you ever want to pop on & say hello you will be more than Welcomed :-)

Give it some thought though about seeing you doctor

Take Care





Thank you :)

Yeah I found this site a few weeks ago & was too nervous to post anything for ages. But it's actually so lovely to be able to talk to people that can just listen and understand. X


I hope you will feel you can join in now , we do try & make everyone welcome but I also appreciate how difficult it can be especially when we suffer with anxiety to talk on a forum such as this

Remember even the ones like me that are chatting away were all new members at one time & we know how it feels , so just let us know you are there & we will say hello :-)



Really appreciate all the support everyone has already given me. Maybe the easier I find posting and talking on here, the better I will feel about talking to others. X


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