Has anybody noticed any effects with caffeine?

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anybody had noticed any difference in their anxiety when drinking caffeine? I'm not sure whether I've taken notice properly but I had about 4 days of feeling great last week and noticed I hadn't drank any tea or coffee. I then started to have a few drinks at work and at home and had strong feeling of panic whilst seemingly being relaxed. I'm going to try going without tea or coffee or anything caffeine related for a week. I've had nothing for 2 days and strangely it's eased off.

I don't know if I'm looking at all this correctly but I'm going to give it a try.



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9 Replies

  • I cannot drink caffeine drinks anymore, I only drink decaff tea or coffee. I found that caffeine increases my anxiety because naturally caffeine can make your heart race and give you shakes which are symptoms i experiennce during anxiety and therefore found it very hard to tell difference.

  • Hi Scooby,

    This is exactly what I experienced! Whereas on a normal day my anxiety symptoms are mostly temperature and stomach related, I found I was going back to worrying about my heart when I was drinking caffeine because it seemed to flutter.

    I've tried drinking decaff but I think it's become a psychological thing for me now that I just associate the taste with the real thing so I'm having a week to try and avoid everything, even decaff.

    I'm a bit gutted to be honest as I love drinking tea! :(

    Thanks for your reply. It always helps to know people are going through the same things as you as horrible as it is for everyone.


  • Hi

    Yes definatley, I have changed to decaf tea at home. Just been away for the weekend and had really bad anxiety and noticed after having a coffee in a cafe felt even worse and also have to smoke less (which not a bad thing!!) If my anxiety is not too bad then I seem to be ok with coffee, but if it is really heightened it is dreadful. The only trouble is I often do not feel anxious at the time but I obviously must be (it a vicious cirlce)!!

  • Hi, caffein will drive your anxiety up the wall! i used to drink redbull and shark energy drinks and they are loaded with it taking you from a major high to a major low. i now have no caffeine whatsoever. avoid it if you suffer with anxiety or depression. x

  • Hi Sam, Seashell,

    Thanks for your replies. I'm a bit sad that anxiety is robbing me of my luxuries. :(


  • hi i have stopped the caffeine also and just been drinking herbal tea

  • hi mandy ive had to give up coffee as i noticed my anxiety increased when i had drunk it and like u feel robbed of something i enjoy. i get stomach cramps a lot with anxiety and have found peppermint tea has really helped that as it is good for digestion, wasnt too keen on cammomile but found one that is cammomile and spearmint that is nice and is quite calming x

  • Caffeine definitely makes anxiety worse, as does alcohol but alcohol makes my mood more unstable the next day.

  • I find liquorice tea helpful especially when I have an upset stomach with it. Some of the Aruyavedic teas are helpful.

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