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anxiety cause me to stop Caffeine and nicotine


\sorry for my English friends\

I started to feel the symptom of anxiety and panic attacks for ~30 days ago.

weakness,tired,fast heart beats, depressive,Breathing difficulty, cold and sweaty limbs.

fear im gone lose my sanity some times, and thoughts and worrys for my health and etc.

woke 3-4 during night sweaty and shaky.

I changed my diet and started to jogging and walking for 1-2 hours 2-3 times per week.

during and little bit prior to the start of this anxiety and panics i reduced Caffeine and nicotine at 70%-80%..and for the past 3 days no Caffeine and nicotine at all.

did someone had this experience, how this combination of anxiety and panic and reducing Caffeine and nicotine , harder?

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Heck of a way to quit nicotine huh? The caffeine I imagine was the hardest to quit. I quit caffeine and I had very bad headaches and felt horrible for about a month. I'm cheering for you. Have you found this to ease the panic attacks?


Thank you for your comment.

Caffeine,alcohol and nicotine not recommended to people with those problems.

its very hard, there is still some symptoms, but i feel better than when i used to smoke few cigarettes per day(the past 2 months)

my anxiety and panic started ~30 days ago, before that i used to smoke 2-4 boxes per week and used to drink a lot of coffee , 3-4 cops per day.

Despite what i said, i can tell you that i have very hard and unpleasant symptoms, that may be increased because the lack of those drugs in my blood.

maybe i just attributed those symptoms to the anxiety and panics that came because of the anxiety and vice verse.


Yes, in regards to your last comment; its a vicious cycle that way. I'm glad you're having some relief. Just keep taking life in and let me know how you are soon.


cutting off addictive supplements such as caffeine and nicotine is always hard. For example when my anxiety started I cut off sugar. Which has withdraw effect like lightheartedness, tiredness, even dizziness and feeling faint. As for caffeine it should be the same. These things cause your heart to race and etc, blood pressure gets high, so without them your body needs time to adjust. It's been 3 months since I stopped them and I still feel the effects at times. Your anxiety gets worse because you are focused on your body too much and you notice the changes. There is too much stress in your system so you need to find ways to relax.


Thank you for the comment.

I agree with all what you said.

I'm doing some relaxing activities, i love to run on the beach(also at other places) , its very pleasant and healthy for everyone and mainly to people with anxiety and depression.

its very good for the rebuilding of your body and lungs.


Caffeine is the worst to consume with dealing with anxiety and depression. You are doing well with reducing your caffeine intake. I am not sure about nicotine because I am not a smoker.

I have had worst attacks because of caffeine, I decided to leave caffeine alone. I will eat chocolate once in awhile.

With exercising is great as well. You are doing great, keep it up!


Thank you.good luck


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