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So scared!

Well its me again,already had a panic attack this morning and cried and its only 8:30 in the morning.i keep having this sinus problem,the same one i was having a year almost a year head always gets stopped up on one side and it feels weird like theres mucus or something stuck in my eye brow or forehead and puts pressure around my right eye and makes it feel swollen around it.and makes me feel pressure all through the right side of my head and behind my eye.which scares me bc i worry about my eyes alot.then of coarse yesturday i googled it again and now im convinced that i have sinus cancer,i have almost the same symptoms.i went through this not too long ago but i had never even heard of sinus cancer so i thought it was a different kind and got 2 cat scans and some x rays and ive been to my eye doctor 3 times this past year and they say everythings fine but what if they missed something?i do have allergies especially tp dust mites which im around all the time,and allergic to molds,trees,grass,cats,mice(which we have really bad right now)but its just weird i dont sneeze alot my eyes dont water or itch alot i just feel so congested on one side of my head but no mucus at all hardly.please someone help me,i feel like im fighting a never winning battle with myself and im so scared.whats your advise?do u think if something was wrong they would have found it by now?

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'' but what if they missed something? '' That is what is causing your anxiety and panic attacks the fear of ur doctors missing something and that you might have cancer.

As you said your self they did the tests several times and nothing, which means you are fine you are healthy you just are scared from having cancer, i bet you have searched symptoms online and concluded or saw that it was cancer which made ur fear worsen..

Trust the doctors, if they did it couple of times means there is nothing wrong. they probably can miss it once or twice but not three times, think about it this way. Keep ur self busy and not think about it convince ur self this is u fighting ur self only u can help urself.. control ur mind do not let it control you

Hope you feeel better and if you need anythin hit me up with a private message :)


Thank you for the reply.i know its just my mind constantly playing tricks on me and i cant ever seem to get my mind off of it.


I know what you feel, just do something you love and you will get over it in time.. Trust me Anxiety needs time and not to think about it much the more you give it attention the more it dominates your life.. Once you start giving less attention and going stuff you love and staying away from Anxiety it does help.

For example, helping people out here seem to keep my mind off of it, also going out.. Going out seems the best for me because everytime i get back home the symptoms get back but not if i was outside home..

Maybe you just need some air some nice time to enjoy life..

Look at the positive side :) Lots of good things to do with life even tho life can be hard but it also can be fun and easy... That's how life is.. Ups and downs

Have a wonderful day, Let me know if you need anything i can help you with, i would definitely enjoy answering anything you want to talk about via Private Message if you are interested :)


I try really hard not to give it attention but it doesnt work for me.i always tend to think about it that much more.i mean as soon as i wake up i eather feel anxious/scared or depressed and feel like crying bc i just dont think im ever gonna be the same person i used to be.i have 2 kids and 1 on the way and i feel so bad bc i cant give them my attention all the time bc of dumb anxiety.and i try to get out of the house as much as i can which kind of helps sometimes but the bad thoughts is always there and my house isnt my safe place anymore like it used to be bc ive been in here so long worrying.i think my house actually causes anxiety bc i know as soon as i get back in here its just gonna be the same thing.just non stop worrying.and it feels so closed in like im sufficating or closterphobic and i wasnt closterphobic before anxiety.i just dont know what to do anymore.


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